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12 December 2023

Borrowers should concentrate on managing risk — not rate chasing

Chances are good that the official cash rate will be cut before the end of 2024 and even by the middle of next year. But should borrowers be focusing on trying to predict the ups and downs of the rates cycle?

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29 November 2023

Lower mortgage rates, or higher bank margins?

Declines in fixed interest rates in the US have fed through to some reductions in NZ’s bank wholesale borrowing costs. Will this mean lower mortgage rates for Kiwi, or will this end up as extra margin for the banks?

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16 November 2023

Mortgage rates | no spring specials in sight, what’s in store for summer?

Costs for banks to borrow money have decreased. Added with the higher lending rates they provide, can banks afford to start cutting their own lending rates?

01 November 2023

Is another OCR hike needed to tame inflation?

Some forecasters believe the Reserve Bank will need to raise the official cash rate from the 5.5% level they took it to in May. But is another hike really as necessary as some make it out to be?