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01 June 2023

What's in store for interest rates after the recent OCR announcement?

Following on from the Reserve Bank’s recent decision to raise the cash rate 0.25% to 5.5% and signal that they don’t plan any more rises, what is likely to happen with bank mortgage rates over the remainder of 2023?

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19 May 2023

Will there be a return of the 2.99% five year rate?

Where are fixed mortgage interest rates likely to average over the next 5-10 years, and will there be a return of the 2.99% five year rate?

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04 May 2023

Are Kiwi households tightening up spending habits enough?

For Kiwi borrowers, times are tough and by necessity set to get tougher for those with rates rolling off in the next few months. With the chance of the Reserve Bank nudging the OCR higher by a final 0.25%, should Kiwis be fearing the worst?

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20 April 2023

Finally some good inflation news

The 6.7% rise in consumer prices in the year to March was lower than the 7.1% commonly expected in the financial markets and importantly the 7.3% expected by the Reserve Bank.

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