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16 November 2023

Mortgage rates | no spring specials in sight, what’s in store for summer?

Costs for banks to borrow money have decreased. Added with the higher lending rates they provide, can banks afford to start cuttin...

01 November 2023

Is another OCR hike needed to tame inflation?

Some forecasters believe the Reserve Bank will need to raise the official cash rate from the 5.5% level they took it to in May. Bu...

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18 October 2023

Once bitten, twice shy

While the annual inflation rate came in lower than anticipated at 5.6%, the Reserve Bank is unlikely to ease monetary policy anyti...

22 September 2023

Is the easing of monetary policy still a distant dream?

On October 4 the Reserve Bank will announce the outcome of their next review of the official cash rate. Have they changed their minds about monetary policy in their battle against inflation?

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11 September 2023

Inflation remains a thorn in the economy's side

The Reserve Bank is unlikely to be feeling that the 5.5% level they took their official cash rate to in May is generating excessive downward pressure on inflation in the country. So could they be thinking about tightening again as some still predict?

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23 August 2023

Two giants and their impact on NZ

The Reserve Bank has kept the official cash rate at 5.5%, but the outlook on interest rates is still clouded. And now, the future of our housing market might be shaken up by two giants from the other side of the globe: China, and the U.S.

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09 August 2023

Interest rates: A puzzle of uncertainty

On August 16, the Reserve Bank will review their 5.5% official cash rate. It's extremely likely that they'll choose to remain at 5.5%, according to Tony Alexander — but what does this really mean for interest rates?

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