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Changes in housing policy to come

20 October 2017

New Zealand may now have a government but uncertainty over what that might mean for the housing market is set to linger for some time.

Migration decline continues

20 October 2017

Immigration policy is set to change under the new Labour-led government but new Statistics New Zealand data shows migration flows have already started to wane.

No signs of panic

19 October 2017

The housing market might be cooling rapidly but ANZ economists say investors appear to be taking the adjustment in their stride.

High risk rental success

17 October 2017

Long-time investor Glenn Morris has cornered a niche market not typically attractive to the average landlord - high risk tenants – and he is sharing the key to his success.

Investors remain confident in property

16 October 2017

Restrictions on high loan-to-value ratio (LVR) lending have had a major impact on the strategy of many property investors, a new survey shows.

Market healthy – despite election doubt

16 October 2017

Ongoing election uncertainty has been keeping property prices on hold in recent months, but year-on-year price growth is strong nationwide, according to Trade Me Property.

Price rise could be market rebalancing

12 October 2017

Property prices have crept up in the latest Real Estate Institute of New Zealand data and for economists that suggests a rebalancing of the market.

What tenants really want

11 October 2017

The drive for healthy rental homes has put tenant needs into the spotlight but now a new survey has exposed what Auckland renters look for in a property.

Prices fall, affordability improves

11 October 2017

Housing affordability in regions around New Zealand may have improved over the last quarter, but price to wage ratios are still sky high.

Appeal of former hot spots dims

10 October 2017

Demand for property in the hot spots which were driving the market has fallen dramatically as the market stays quiet, new data from reveals.

Short stays big pays

9 October 2017

It is now possible to make holiday rentals work for you by generating some great yields but with much less effort than ever before.

Speeding up the consents process

6 October 2017

Inefficient consent processes nationwide have long been cited as a major hurdle to development, but the drive to improve the consent process is finally making headway.

Landlords urged to get onto insulation

5 October 2017

There is growing pressure on landlords to start insulating their properties following a new survey which indicates around 170,000 rental properties still require proper insulation.

New class action on leaky homes

5 October 2017

Property owners struggling with a leaky building could fit the bill to join a new class action against councils.

Auckland sales fall further

4 October 2017

SuperCity sales numbers fell to the lowest level for a September in seven years, according to the latest Barfoot & Thompson data.

Quarterly value chill

4 October 2017

Focus might be on the Auckland housing market’s slowdown but new QV data shows that the heat is lifting from markets around the country.

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