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“So what do you think is the largest 'Threat' to our investments in P2P within NZ? The first document I linked to has some detail. I'll put my money on Interest Rates as the biggest 'Threat' to P2P investments....” View full post »

“I consider P2P investment as a defensive option, and believe returns will outstrip real estate investment and sharemarket loans over the medium term irrespective of when and if a recession occurs. Agree. The housing (real estate) situation is a major concern for NZ. My question was more focused on the increasing amount...” View full post »

“Will share my thoughts, as had previously done some research on this for a presentation I did late last year. P2P falls under consumer debt. The RBNZ statistics provides a breakdown between M1 (Consumer loans) and M2 (Housing loans) in its Household Balance sheet (see attached). It reflects that M2 has nearly quintupled...” View full post »

“Having come over from Aus, I can attest that the compulsory Australian pension (superannuation) is one of the better choices made. Being able to access KiwiSaver early, I think, will always be problematic - time will tell. A great read if anyone is interested: Household Debt And Financial Stability - IMF Some great...” View full post »

“I think that a big difference between NZ and Australia is that Australian households have more of their wealth (both absolutely and in percent terms) in financial and pension fund assets. NZers rely more on real estate (both owner-occupied and investment real estate.) Having come over from Aus, I can attest that the...” View full post »

“No crystal ball but the property market has always had cycles of boom, consolidation and correction. NZ home ownership rates are falling with first home owners having to wait longer as they need to save longer for deposits and requiring bigger debt (house prices have increased more than both inflation and incomes) to buy...” View full post »

“Are we at a point in history that could be labelled 'The Debt Crisis'? Or is it another 20 years off? This is just a topic for discussion if anyone is interested. I'm at a loss as to where this is all heading, I don't think we've seen anything similar before. So many of the younger generation are now so heavily exposed...” View full post »

“Happy new year everybody! My investments have started in relatively good shape, albeit $100 sitting at 120-180 days and a further $125 at 90-120 which looks set to quash the RAR. Went overseas for 40 days, and my portfolio holdings fell back by 5% ($4000), but fortunately have been able to recover that in the past 10 days. Added...” View full post »

“Coming up to my 4th Anniversary in March. 1985 Loans Total; 101 Loans in E&F, Charge offs running at 17 Loans per 100 (2 Loans Left). 1884 Loans in A_D, Charge-offs running at 2 Loans per 100. $$Charged off vs Gross Interest received to Date= 14.0850%...” View full post »

“Welcome back from Harmoney and we hope you have a prosperous 2019. Meanwhile, here's another $140 of loan charge-offs for you!...Just what I needed!!! Same here Joker, this time it is an A loan, first A that I have had charged off and I have now had 16 charge offs out of around 1700 loans....” View full post »

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“Hi icyfire. I'm CFO at Squirrel. We are definitely still getting loans pushed through in the 5-7 and 2-3 year categories - around 60% of the new lending this month. The loans funded in the 5-7 year bucket this month have had an average investor rate of 8.14% and 7.03% for the 2-3 year loans. I would encourage you...” View full post »

“Has anybody managed to invest in loans for 5-7 or 2-3 years recently? If so, at what rate? Currently there is $131k for 1 year awaiting funding. I'm thinking that it would be better to put money to work now and get 6% return instead of waiting for weeks/months for a higher return. What y'all think?...” View full post »

“There is no funds waiting for that rate so it must have gone. We must be looking at different pages!! 5-7 Years still 133K waiting to go!! 10154...” View full post »

“I see as of today, there is 133K of funds waiting for 8.5% There is no funds waiting for that rate so it must have gone....” View full post »

“9% no longer exists. the highest rate is 8.5% for 5-7 years. It appears that the fastest way to get your money invested and working for you is 6% for 1 year which is still double what you get for a bank term deposit. Thanks for the update ICYFIRE... I'll ask a different question now :) Has Anyone got an order filled...” View full post »

“9% no longer exists. the highest rate is 8.5% for 5-7 years. It appears that the fastest way to get your money invested and working for you is 6% for 1 year which is still double what you get for a bank term deposit....” View full post »

“Has Anyone got an order filled at the 'good old day' rates of 9% in say the last 5 months??...” View full post »

“Not what I said. Based on the email they sent out it appears SM are positioning themselves further away from Harmoney at the lower returns end of the market attempting to entice people with large sums tied up in term deposits who can earn much greater returns for a minimal increase in risk while keeping liquidity. Looks...” View full post »

“Selling two loans- 1. $477.02 @ 8.5% (4yrs, 10mnths) 2. $464.39 @ 8.35% (4yrs, 5mnths) They're available on the secondary market now....” View full post »

“Anyone else having trouble logging into Squirrel today? Can't get the login screen either on Edge or Chrome....” View full post »

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