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Mortgage News Archive 2017

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January 2017
February 2017
March 2017
April 2017
May 2017
June 2017
July 2017
August 2017
September 2017
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November 2017
December 2017
January 2017
6th - ASB and Bank Direct hike all fixed rates
9th - ASB moves all fixed rates higher
10th - Kiwibank next to move rates
11th - ..and today it is BNZ's turn to increase rates
12th - Further lending restrictions 'not needed'
13th - Regional market in spotlight
13th - Westpac increases fixed rates. See changes
16th - One little change
17th - Declining sales, subdued market
18th - The Co-operative Bank ups floating and fixed
19th - The big one goes
20th - Slow building consent trend concerning
23rd - A pleasant surprise
24th - OCR hike to come - later
25th - More hikes on the heel of recent ones
25th - Lawyer converts lending business
26th - No quick solution to housing boom
27th - Demand for planning change
31st - Changes today
31st - Quiet on the investor lending front
February 2017
1st - No relief in demand pressures
1st - House prices hit new records
2nd - Floating higher
3rd - Westpac's turn
3rd - OCR cut not expected
7th - Quiet start to 2017
7th - Reserve Bank Governor not seeking another term
7th - Reserve Bank Governor not seeking another term
8th - Questions over future RBNZ policy
8th - Uncertainty over future RBNZ policy
8th - DTIs cost benefit analysis ordered
9th - What the RB governor said
9th - Reserve Bank makes its first big OCR announcement of the year
9th - OCR hike expectations premature
9th - DTIs not needed right now - RBNZ
10th - Banks of the future may offer customers less choice
10th - Debt-to-income ratios on hold...for now
10th - Banks to clamp down on cashbacks
13th - ANZ reverses trend
14th - A few little changes today: House prices fall further
15th - Regional stars' sales plummet: TSB raises rates
15th - ASB pulls pricing lever on home loans
16th - Volatility leads to tighter lending environment
16th - RESIMAC offers investors discounted rates
17th - Deals for investors and owner occupiers
20th - Profits down for Kiwibank
20th - Outlook for house prices
27th - SBS rings in rate changes
27th - Decline in investor lending continues
28th - BNZ increases floating rates
March 2017
1st - Westpac hikes floating rates
1st - Slow down in investor lending quantified
1st - Sub 4% home loan for owner occupiers
1st - S&P, Moodys downgrade Kiwibank’s rating
2nd - Interest rate risk equally balanced: RBNZ
2nd - OCR could go either way, RBNZ says
6th - ANZ takes floating rates higher
7th - Kiwibank follows suit but still competitive
7th - DTIs should be in RBNZ toolkit - IMF
8th - More changes
8th - Auckland affordability a credit negative - Moodys
9th - Bringing clarity to meth drug haze
10th - What have we learnt this week?
13th - Auckland house prices down - again
14th - TSB raises rates
15th - Negative gearing to go...under Labour
17th - ANZ makes just one change
17th - Next to no chance of OCR cut
20th - Three rises from SBS
22nd - All quiet in lead up to tomorrow's OCR announcement
23rd - What the RB governor said
23rd - OCR left on hold: Here's why
23rd - OCR left on hold: Here's why
23rd - Reaction: OCR - 'Nothing to see here'
24th - What keeps mortgage advisers awake at night?
27th - OCR predictions; Mortgage adviser survey
29th - SBS raises floating rate
31st - ASIC review calls for commission overhaul
31st - Risk based pricing for Co-op Bank personal loans
31st - HSBC's turn today
April 2017
3rd - ANZ to refuse handwritten applications
3rd - The Co-Op Bank now pricing loans on risk
4th - Mortgage Express, Q Advisor Group signal closer ties
4th - Rate hikes continue to trickle through
4th - Challenging times for credit unions
5th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
6th - The mortgage rate creep continues
6th - Lending growth will slow – S&P
7th - Surprise, surprise. Rates fall
10th - Major changes for Reserve Bank?
10th - Rate rises not prompting action
11th - Changing times for interest rate setting
11th - Interest-only loans come under the spotlight
12th - Interest-only loans under the spotlight
12th - Broker concerns referred to FMA
18th - RESIMAC cuts rates
23rd - Aussie banks told to scrap commission payments
24th - Local flavour makes for bank winners
27th - FMT grows investment book strongly to fund loans
28th - ASB lenders reduce rates
May 2017
1st - The Co-operative Bank appoints new CEO
2nd - ANZ half-year profit jumps
3rd - Mortgage advisers write a third of ANZ's loans
4th - How ANZ sees the housing market and advisers
4th - BNZ says brokers generated $900m growth
5th - Review could tighten loan market
5th - One lender goes and another removes super low rates
8th - Focus on tone, not content, of OCR call this week
8th - Even tougher lending rules on the cards
9th - ANZ and Kiwibank increase rates
10th - Westpac follows ANZ
11th - No change to OCR: What RB said today
11th - OCR held again, here's why
11th - Surprise at RBNZ’s OCR outlook
11th - Monthly payment option on reverse mortgages
17th - One little change today
19th - Non-banks winners as mainstream lenders tighten rules
21st - Broker sentenced to jail
22nd - HSBC hasn't ruled out working with brokers
22nd - No changes, so what's the best rate?
24th - Have you got a question on the mortgage market?
24th - Investor lending remains in check
25th - RESIMAC increases loan size limits
29th - SBS makes a couple of changes
31st - RBNZ renews push for DTIs
31st - One little change
June 2017
2nd - Co-Op Bank flat, but still with some fizz (+ STATS)
6th - The Co-Operative Bank cracks the $2 bill mark
6th - Appeal loss for mortgage fraudster
8th - DTIs would cut thousands out of market
9th - Westpac scraps online app process
11th - TSB sees big profit fall
12th - TSB's profit falls and some rates rise
15th - Is the writing on the wall for handwritten loan apps?
16th - 11 is the magic number for Westpac
16th - Verdict in on this week's OCR call
19th - TSB's close to market leading rate; OCR preview
20th - SBS produces record result
20th - SBS produces the goods
22nd - No change to OCR - again
22nd - OCR held again - here's what RBNZ had to say
22nd - OCR held again - here's what RBNZ had to say
22nd - Game of watch and wait for OCR
28th - Investor lending decline continues (+GRAPH)
29th - Hundreds of would-be advisers sign up
29th - PAA slams banks for undermining advisers
July 2017
2nd - Banks refuse comment on PAA letter
3rd - One up, one down
5th - Hawkish talk foreshadows rate rises
6th - Mortgage fraud charges for group
6th - LendMe rebrands, takes on Australia with bank boss at helm
7th - ASB follows suit and raises rates
9th - Bank battle costs sponsorship
12th - Decline in banking sector profits - KPMG
14th - SBS eyes 'partnership' with mortgage advisers
24th - Warehouse offloads Money
26th - Bumpy lending ride continues
August 2017
1st - Finally, mortgage rate moves
1st - SBS eyes partnership with mortgage advisers
2nd - Co-Op bank goes long while others short
3rd - Milestone day for financial advice in New Zealand
3rd - PAA talks through concerns with ASB
4th - Bawden's business rebrand
4th - PAA hands out gongs, but not to lenders
6th - Future could hold OCR cuts
7th - OCR preview: Growing talk of future cuts
9th - ASB's billion dollar profit
9th - ASB's first $1 billion profit
9th - ASB lauds fixed rate rollovers
10th - OCR and MPS: What the Governor said
10th - OCR unchanged: Details here
10th - No dovish nod to future for RBNZ
11th - ASB, Bank Direct and Sovereign move down
16th - PM rules out DTI ratio idea
16th - DTIs dead in the water; Co-op Bank lowers rates
17th - Suddenly two-year rates get interesting
18th - One little change
21st - One four year fall
21st - LVRs are not going anywhere
22nd - Where to for LVRs?
25th - Investor lending exodus
25th - Softer market better time to buy
28th - Two-year cut labelled pre-Election Special
30th - LVRs still needed - RBNZ
30th - Avanti's new business reaches out to SMEs
September 2017
1st - ASB narrows gap between carded and Special rates
1st - Kiwibank's IT work-in-progress proves costly
4th - New norm for two-year Specials
4th - MPM takes former franchisee to court
5th - Cameron Marcroft talks about becoming a top adviser
6th - Ex BNZ worker admits mortgage fraud
11th - A rise against the falls
11th - HomeStart boost could drive prices up
14th - No case to end LVRs – S&P
18th - SBS down; BNZ up
19th - ANZ changes
20th - Three terms lowered at The Co-operative Bank
20th - Election 2017: the housing round up
25th - Caution to dictate OCR call this week
25th - ASB keeps ownership of Sovereign Home Loans
25th - OCR preview: What economists are thinking now
28th - Acting governor Grant Spencer announces OCR decision
28th - RBNZ announces OCR decision
28th - RBNZ announces OCR decision
28th - Growth outlook overshadows OCR call
October 2017
1st - Australian non-bank lender set to return to NZ
2nd - HSBC launches sub 4% home loan rate
3rd - ASB's turn; New (old) lender returns
4th - ANZ chief economist calls it a day
11th - Kickbacks to agents shouldn't happen, but do
13th - Sharpening rates for Spring
20th - Looking ahead with new government
24th - One low rate replaced with another - details here
24th - Mortgage advisers: start thinking about your education now
25th - Westpac meets the market with two-year rate
25th - ANZ: No more repayment holidays
30th - Kiwibank cuts mid and long term rates
November 2017
1st - Mortgage advisers key players in credit union’s success
2nd - First month P&I free offer launched
2nd - RESIMAC offering to refund first month of loan P&I
3rd - OCR stable . . . for now
3rd - What's going to happen with the OCR next week?
3rd - Advisers save BNZ's market share
6th - Time for Normalisation?
7th - Time to get rates back to normal
8th - Reserve Bank changes 'not radical'
8th - All eyes are on the Reserve Bank and interest rates
8th - Westpac says advisers important, but...
9th - What the Governor said today
9th - RBNZ OCR announcement
9th - LVR restrictions to be reviewed
9th - Sunny MPS surprises some
13th - BNZ first bank to market with online lodgement tool
14th - New look; BNZ rolls out electronic lodgement
15th - ANZ cuts two rates
23rd - Large mortgage and insurance adviser group changes hands
24th - Bank credit rationing a myth: Healy
24th - Westpac takes the cap off; Kiwibank cuts
24th - Staunch opposition to DTI proposal
27th - Digital threat to mortgage advisers
27th - ANZ names new chief economist
27th - Bye bye Samoa: Hello Sharon
28th - LVR speculation rife ahead of FSR
29th - RBNZ to ease LVR restrictions
29th - LVR easing sooner than expected
29th - DTI proposal on hold
December 2017
1st - Westpac makes a little change
1st - RESIMAC turns five
4th - Westpac ups rental income allowance
4th - Revealing stats from specialist lender
4th - LVR changes won’t prompt market frenzy
5th - Inflation problem for RBNZ
8th - Ups and downs to end the week
11th - New RBNZ Governor announced
14th - Refund for TSB break fees miscalculation customers
14th - Non-bank sector booming
18th - Inescapable impact of credit cards
19th - Future of financial services
21st - ANZ adjusts deposit requirements
22nd - Mortgage lending bounces back up
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