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January 2016
February 2016
March 2016
April 2016
May 2016
June 2016
July 2016
August 2016
September 2016
October 2016
November 2016
December 2016
January 2016
5th - Interest rates predicted to drop further in 2016
6th - Market turmoil creates knock-on effect
7th - Listings fall, prices hold firm
7th - SBS chief exec dies
7th - Tailor your mortgage news
9th - Forums to discuss 'contentious' FAA overhaul
12th - Return to reality for market
13th - Risky business
14th - Bay of Plenty picking up heat
15th - SBS interim boss named
15th - Kiwis don't want to pay for advice
18th - New special rates
19th - Red tape hurdles
20th - Record highs for regions
25th - OCR cuts to come – but not now
25th - No cuts predicted for OCR this week
27th - NZ economic outlook downgraded
28th - No change to OCR. Here's what was said
28th - What the Reserve Bank said to start the year
28th - RBNZ signals OCR cuts looming
29th - Halo effect caution
29th - Investor lending recovers
February 2016
1st - Kiwibank makes changes
1st - Mike Pero and Liberty get a new boss
2nd - Mike Pero gets new boss
3rd - Record high prices in regions
3rd - Flexibility key to RBNZ policy
4th - RBNZ governor: Immediate cuts not the way to go
4th - OCR cut outlook shifts
4th - Forecasts not commitment - RBNZ
5th - Forecasts not commitment - RBNZ
9th - SBS cuts to remain competitive
10th - Tax could stifle housing development
10th - ASB reports record half
10th - ASB regains market share and sticks with commission model
11th - Record profit for ASB
11th - Bolton looks to squirrel away investors' money
12th - Squirrel looks for lots of nuts
15th - Expect lower mortgage rates in six months: Stephens
15th - Lower mortgage rates expected
16th - Dropping rates should boost slow growth
16th - Slow growth expected
16th - ASB drops low-equity fee
17th - Property Council slams SuperCity councillors
17th - Inflation expectations fall sharply
17th - HSBC offers lowest home loan rate in over 50 years
18th - How low can interest rates go?
18th - More than just ability to pay matters
18th - Lifestyle matters for banks
19th - Rate increase
22nd - Rent loss set to drop
22nd - Flat six months for Kiwibank
23rd - Flat half-year for Kiwibank
23rd - Threats linger for banks – S&P
24th - Volatility, regulation don’t hold back banks
24th - Record profits despite volatility
25th - Big falls in days to sell in regions
25th - A test of inflation targeting credibility?
25th - Scope for OCR cut - English
25th - Downward trend for investor lending
26th - Room for OCR cuts - English
26th - ASIC outlines commission review scope
29th - ANZ changes its view on OCR cuts
29th - ANZ changes position on OCR cuts
March 2016
1st - Newpark double dates mortgage groups
1st - [VIDEO] John Bolton talks to TMM Online
1st - BNZ makes interesting rate changes
1st - Looming impact of global funding costs
2nd - Peer-to-peer a growing option, broker says
2nd - Peer-to-peer lending growing in popularity
3rd - Global funding costs impact on mortgage rates
4th - Squirrel investors get offer docs today
4th - Squirrel investors to receive offer docs
7th - OCR cut this week unlikely
7th - Cuts to OCR unlikely
8th - No affordability problem
8th - $4m may be coming from Squirrel investors
9th - BNZ working out its wider roll out strategy to advisers
9th - TSB tweaks special
10th - What the Reserve Bank said today
10th - Reserve Bank surprises with OCR cut
10th - Surprise OCR cut
10th - Timing of OCR cut surprises
11th - Banks slow to pass on OCR cut
11th - ANZ keeping cuts mainly to itself
11th - Full OCR cut should be passed on: McLachlan
14th - Squirrel exceeds target
14th - ASB cuts fixed rates
14th - Inflation key for interest rates
15th - Looming impact of global funding costs
15th - Playing the ball not the man
16th - Which banks are the most generous?
16th - No role for politicians in OCR uproar - experts
16th - Mortgage fraudster gets jail time
17th - BNZ finally move
18th - Comparing lenders
18th - Comparing selected banks
21st - BNZ signs up second dealer group
21st - ANZ inches up the league table with fixed rate pricing cuts
21st - More OCR cuts to come - ASB
22nd - ASB forecasts 1.75% OCR
23rd - Westpac and Co-Op banks move rates
24th - Young people holding back from buying
24th - Investor lending picks up
24th - RBNZ to investigate alleged OCR leak
29th - Kiwibank takes aim at two-year term
30th - BNZ moves one-year Special lower
31st - New kid on the block
April 2016
1st - Reserve Bank's 'fine balance'
4th - Cut to boost or hike to slow?
4th - We have a new one-year rate leader
5th - Squirrel offer open to public
5th - Greens' Kiwibank stance criticised
6th - Another building society moves
6th - NZ Post sells Kiwibank stake
6th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
7th - End of Super City's downward trend?
8th - Perils of dodging due diligence
9th - [VIDEO] Paul Fuller tells mortgage advisers what life's like as an AFA
11th - New shareholders may help Kiwibank
12th - Squirrel raises $3.5 million to help with expansion
12th - The rise of renters
13th - Property market reignites
13th - Sellers' confidence soaring high
13th - Predicting the RBNZ's next OCR announcement a head scratcher
14th - OCR - will it stay or will it go?
14th - RBNZ confirms OCR leak
15th - RBNZ lock-ups scrapped following leak
15th - Stephens: Reserve Bank probably considering other tools
18th - TSB takes lead in two-year space
18th - CPI shows signs of levelling out
19th - Later rather than sooner for OCR cut
19th - Are more housing market curbs on the agenda?
20th - More restrictions on the way?
21st - Capitalising on the capital
22nd - New technology to streamline property deals
22nd - Odds against OCR cut
26th - OCR guessing game - what economists think
27th - Westpac launches commission review
27th - Westpac commission review - what does that mean for brokers here?
28th - Rise in investor lending reflects strong market
28th - OCR held: What the Reserve Bank said
28th - OCR Held - Here's what was said
28th - OCR hold right call – for now
28th - PAA outlines plans to authorise all advisers
29th - OCR cuts imminent
May 2016
1st - Only sub 4% home loan due to end
2nd - Westpac hits record result in NZ
3rd - Onwards and upwards
3rd - ASB: The only way is up
3rd - ANZ profits drop in half year results
3rd - ANZ happy with broker remuneration model
4th - ANZ talks results; CU Baywide plays three of a kind
5th - BNZ's profits down
5th - Ensure full disclosure - ComCom
6th - ASB encourages borrowers to go long
6th - BNZ reveals how much broker business it has banked
9th - TSB's new rate; BNZ's broker business revealed
10th - Investors under fire
11th - Nick Tuffley's interest rate update
11th - RBNZ still thinking about ways to slow the housing market
11th - Housing market still RBNZ's headache
11th - LVR measures on the horizon
12th - LVR measures looming
12th - Final call in MTF case
13th - Rates are back below 4%
16th - New norm for two-year specials
17th - Property Council: Debt to income ratio won't solve shortage
17th - Expect more lending restrictions soon
18th - SBS betters its big bank peers
20th - ASB plays the long game
23rd - Inflation concerns could mean June cut
23rd - June cut speculation
24th - Property investment loans to cost more
24th - Investors brace for higher interest rates
24th - Tactical guessing game
25th - The Co-Op Bank makes changes
26th - Investors’ mortgage lending share up
26th - TSB tweaks
27th - Investors dominating housing market
27th - Budget unlikely to change Reserve Bank views
30th - Kiwibank's 3.99% gone
30th - OCR on hold till August - HSBC
31st - HSBC: OCR holding till August
31st - Less urgency to cut OCR but bias remains
June 2016
1st - No rush to cut OCR
1st - Credit Union Baywide receives good news
2nd - Don't believe all the hype about property flipping
3rd - OCR calls favour hold
3rd - OCR holding - Economists
3rd - Brokers real success story for The Co-operative Bank
7th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
7th - ANZ's lending changes surprise mortgage advisers
8th - 'Drastic' lending changes to challenge investors
9th - Official Cash Rate left unchanged
9th - OCR stays at 2.25% - What the bank said today
9th - Financial stability reason for unchanged OCR
9th - More on OCR announcement plus Live Webcast
9th - LVR restrictions stopped $20 bill of lending
9th - PAA and IFA reveal plans to launch new, unified organisation
10th - RBNZ says LVR restrictions worked; but not how people expected
13th - BNZ just pips Westpac with new Special
13th - ASB joins other main banks in limiting foreign borrowing
14th - Banks tighten belt on foreign borrowing
15th - It's swings and round abouts today
16th - Regions hot, Auckland cooling
16th - Kepa's fees changes for mortgage advisers worrying move
16th - Your views on the (proposed) new adviser association
17th - New adviser association - yes, no, maybe?
17th - Woman guilty of mortgage fraud
20th - Westpac revises house price forecasts
21st - Extra rates for investors?
22nd - Borrowing frenzy risks
22nd - Mortgage lending raises red flag
23rd - Rents spike in regions
24th - SBS records growth in a "difficult" year
24th - SBS reports growth in a difficult year
27th - Finally some rate changes to report
27th - Brexit means August OCR cut likely
27th - Mortgage lending hits record high
28th - Special rate rise; OCR cut now more likely; New RB data on loans
29th - The Co-op Bank ups a rate
29th - ASB hikes its floating rate
29th - Record high mortgage lending
30th - One little change
July 2016
1st - ASB seesaw
4th - Credit growth reaches new levels
5th - OCR quandary for RBNZ
5th - RBNZ quandary
6th - Key tells RBNZ to target property investors
7th - Expert urges 'crashing' the market
7th - Future OCR cuts dependent on inflation
7th - Tide may turn on OCR cuts
8th - Warnings fly following RBNZ proposal
8th - RBNZ signals tougher rules for investors (+Speech)
11th - Indications interest rates may not fall further
12th - Investors a target in tax proposals
12th - Westpac cuts interest-only term
13th - Westpac cuts interest-only term
14th - Investors boost small home prices
15th - Interest rates key to affordability
18th - How the Reserve Bank makes OCR decisions
18th - How OCR decisions are made
18th - Odds on for an August cut
19th - Reserve Bank targets investor lending
19th - Crackdown on investor lending
20th - New lending rules shuts young people out
20th - RESIMAC in merger talks with fellow non-bank lender
20th - Westpac cuts off investor lending
20th - Boom, boom, boom; Three banks move
20th - Banks already introducing tougher rules for property investors
21st - Reserve Bank signals more OCR cuts
22nd - Unusual week
24th - Banks care more about income than equity
25th - What's more important: Equity or income?
26th - Selling privately - a good idea?
27th - No looming price crash
27th - Fall in mortgage lending
28th - Mortgage lending drops
28th - Top lenders of the year named
29th - Solvency key for self-employed borrowers
29th - Country's top lenders named
29th - Young mortgage adviser of the year named (+ VIDEO)
August 2016
1st - Surprise rate cut
1st - HomeStart changes meant to open up market
2nd - BNZ moves rates; Foreign buyer report called misleading
3rd - QV: Prices still running hot
4th - Bank risk real LVR target
4th - LVR to target bank risk, not prices
4th - Apartment size key to future lending
5th - RESIMAC has lowered rates
5th - Little doubt OCR cut coming
5th - RESIMAC makes important changes to rates and fees (+ VIDEO)
8th - Odds of rate cut about the same as Hurricanes winning final
8th - Quieter times ahead for housing market - ASB
9th - Housing market simmering down?
10th - PM tells banks what to do
10th - ASB profits up; Not worried about Auckland house prices
11th - RESIMAC partners with financial advisory firm
11th - OCR cut to 2%; Here's what they said
11th - What the Reserve Bank said about interest rates
11th - More cuts on the horizon
11th - Borrowers unlikely to see full cut
12th - Only three move so far
12th - RBNZ defers start date for new LVR restriction
12th - New LVR start date delayed
15th - Pre-approvals hold RBNZ up
16th - Survey - Bad time to buy a house
17th - HSBC breaks record with with new low home loan rate
17th - HSBC offers lowest ever home loan rate
17th - Mortgage fraudster heading to prison
18th - Finding solutions to investor LVR
22nd - Finding solutions to 60% LVRs
22nd - Who is the lowest of them all?
23rd - Reserve Bank defends interest rate stance
23rd - RBNZ defends OCR cuts
23rd - House prices growing risk for banks – S&P
24th - Expect OCR cut in November - economists
24th - OCR cuts forecast for November
24th - Looming LVRs impact on mortgage lending
25th - LVRs to impact on mortgage lending
26th - Developers flocking to non-bank finance
26th - Rising pressures impact on Kiwibank
29th - RESIMAC takes the lead
30th - Speculators, land banking - election hot topics
31st - Quiet days of spring
September 2016
1st - Land banking latest scapegoat
1st - Lower mortgage rates unlikely - ANZ
2nd - Drop in rates unlikely - ANZ
5th - Latest Auckland house price data out
5th - New LVR rules clarified, confirmed
6th - LVR rules clarified
7th - The truth behind multiple property owners
8th - Loan fee guidelines issued
8th - Urgent housing debate derailed
9th - At last....some banks change rates
12th - Restrict investors to new builds?
13th - Impact of RBNZ's latest restrictions about to be revealed
14th - Apartment appeal on the rise
15th - Severe lack of supply pushing house prices
15th - Kiwibank terms agreed
16th - In case you missed it
16th - OCR cut not on the cards - yet
19th - OCR predictions: What the experts are tipping
20th - Appeals could hold up Unitary Plan
21st - Top five rental hot spots
22nd - OCR remains the same; Here's what Wheeler said today
22nd - What the Reserve Bank said today
22nd - OCR call sticks to the script
23rd - Investors look to commercial market
26th - All quiet on the rates front; Enjoy the low rates
26th - Steep decline in investor lending
27th - Carr steps down as RBNZ chair
28th - New numbers on real estate activity
29th - One and two year fixed rates preferred
30th - The “Affordability” of Unaffordable Homes
30th - How come people buy houses when they are so expensive?
30th - Home loan growth picks up pace
October 2016
3rd - BNZ hikes Special rate
3rd - New LVR rules kick in
4th - Investors face cancellation of pre-approvals
5th - Fixed rates start rising - slowly
6th - MPs urged to heed calls of landlords
6th - 40pc may not be the end of the rules
7th - ASB raises most of its Specials
10th - Govt ramps up building programme
11th - Tough lending times for investors
11th - Tough times for Kiwi investors
12th - Lower OCR around corner
12th - RBNZ signals more cuts on way
13th - LVRs starting to bite - REINZ
14th - Mortgage Link considers licenced entity model
14th - The state of the housing market
17th - Watch housing market update
18th - As expected Kiwibank moves
18th - Inflation result won’t stop OCR cut
19th - OCR to be cut despite inflation
19th - Westpac tightens; ANZ loosens lending criteria
20th - Market in cruise mode
21st - Westpac stops some lending; ANZ loosens up
25th - Migration spurs housing demand
25th - OCR projections replace 90-day bank bill rate
25th - Prospect of DTIs looms larger
26th - Next OCR cut to be the last - ANZ
26th - The last of the OCR cuts - ANZ
27th - Green light for Crown land developments
27th - Mortgage fraud absconder pleads guilty
27th - Fall in investor lending continues
28th - The lowest rate on the market goes
28th - Brokers write 40% of BNZ loans
31st - Mortgage adviser market pays off for BNZ
31st - Kiwibank sale confirmed
November 2016
1st - Investor activity down
1st - RESIMAC gets it's first white-label boost
2nd - Pace of growth slows as LVRs impact - QV
2nd - Inflation pressure off - slightly
3rd - Inflation pressure off - slightly
3rd - ANZ boss warns of inexperienced investors
4th - OCR to hit lowest point this week
4th - ASB raises fixed rates
7th - Historic low for OCR expected
7th - Westpac says policy changes focused on quality lending
8th - Quality over quantity for Westpac
9th - 20 year low in buyer sentiment
10th - What the Reserve Bank said today
10th - RBNZ cuts rates - here's what they said
10th - OCR cut no surprise
10th - US election casts shadow over OCR response
10th - Don't expect rates to fall on back of OCR cut
10th - DTIs not on the cards yet - RBNZ
10th - RESIMAC answer broker questions over its new channel
11th - Rates won't fall on back of OCR cut
14th - Co-Op Bank latest to increase rates
15th - Drop in mortgage-free properties
16th - House sales drop nationwide
17th - Insuring houses tougher post quakes
17th - Kiwibank shifts its focus
17th - Brokers unhappy with ASB's new refix process
18th - Debate rages over foreign buyer data
18th - Post-earthquake OCR cut unlikely
21st - New peer-to-peer mortgage provider licensed
21st - Another bank increases rates
22nd - Non-bank lender moves into peer to peer lending
23rd - Westpac makes substantial change
24th - ANZ sets new highs
24th - Downbound trend for investor lending
25th - Ringing in the rate changes
25th - Heartland Bank to re-enter residential mortgages
29th - Investor success bubbling away
29th - Westpac follows along
29th - Avanti gets good report card
29th - SBS grows and adjusts commission levels
30th - RBNZ asks for DTI tools
30th - RBNZ readies to deploy DTI tools
30th - DTIs not in the near future - economists
December 2016
1st - Addressing housing market risks - RBNZ
2nd - DTI ratios not expected any time soon
3rd - Mortgage group writes to Finance Minister about DTIs
5th - Kiwibank rises; Say no to DTIs broker group says
7th - Westpac takes long rates higher
8th - Tax proposal targets property owners
8th - Housing market NZ’s biggest domestic risk - RBNZ
9th - No OCR change on horizon
9th - One lender introduces DTIs
12th - The Co-operative Bank introduces new ratecard
13th - Investor blame game unfair
13th - Adviser smashes speed golf record
13th - Progress of DTIs stalls
14th - DTIs hit stumbling block
15th - Fed move will boost NZ rates
15th - NZ rates boost with Fed move
16th - Rising rates, quieter market
16th - A year of two halves for non-bank sector
16th - Apartment solution stumbling
16th - Lifetime Group gears up for mortgages
19th - Mortgage advisers get a new minister
19th - Rising rates, quieter market
20th - ANZ hikes
20th - Co-Operative Bank CEO moves on
21st - OCR hikes on the horizon
21st - Surprise spike in mortgage lending
22nd - Non-bank lender experience good growth
22nd - More than one reason why rates rising
23rd - Not so normal Christmas
28th - Rare rate change
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