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January 2015
February 2015
March 2015
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January 2015
12th - Kiwibank starts this year's home loan rate cuts
12th - Kiwibank first to cut rates this year
15th - BNZ next to cut rates
21st - ANZ goes for a triple five special
22nd - OCR not going anywhere: Economists
29th - What the Reserve Bank said
29th - No surprises
29th - Decent environment for investors: Tuffley
31st - ANZ takes one-year lead
February 2015
2nd - Overall lending volumes up; low equity loans down
4th - Surprise cash rate cut
6th - TSB launches 10-year fixed loan
6th - 10-year fixed rates come to the market
7th - 10-year rates welcomed
9th - Cuts continue
10th - Rate cuts still a possibility: Westpac
11th - Home loan rate cuts keep coming
11th - ASB reports strong profit but dip in home loan market share
12th - ASB talks about competition, brokers and profit
13th - ASB takes lead in five-year fixed rate market
13th - Rates slashed as mortgage wars heat up
16th - Even more home loan rate cuts; New boss at MortgageLink
18th - The Co-op Bank makes two cuts
20th - Friday's first cuts
23rd - Kiwibank back in low-deposit business
24th - We're back: Kiwibank
26th - Claim banks' rules relaxed
27th - Mortgage brokers' obligation to insurance
27th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
27th - SBS finds the big home loans in Auckland
March 2015
2nd - Simple and better: RESIMAC's new loan offerings
3rd - Simple and better
4th - The truth about house prices
5th - One bank's having an identity crisis
5th - Reserve Bank comes up with new definition for property investors
5th - Reserve Bank targets investors
6th - BNZ moves three-year rate
9th - Bank lending up, but profits down
9th - No surprises expected in OCR this week, but plenty to look for
10th - New low set by a bank
10th - Lowest rate on market aims to win borrowers’ hearts
11th - One little change today
12th - And the Governor has spoken
12th - What the Reserve Bank said
12th - OCR unchanged – but housing market remains hot topic
13th - Classic end for BNZ
16th - Quiet start to week, in more ways than one
17th - Responsible lending code revealed
18th - RESIMAC reduces rates
19th - Good times for landlords
19th - BNZ's home loan airpoints scheme grounded
20th - BNZ GlobalPlus loses airpoints
23rd - Westpac reduces specials
25th - Four and five year rate cuts
27th - Property prices impact on S&P’s assessment of NZ banking sector
27th - Property prices impact on S&P’s assessment of NZ banking sector
30th - Westpac cuts and prepares for takeoff
30th - Westpac prepares to offer Airpoints with home loans
31st - Do you want Airpoints or cash with your loan?
April 2015
2nd - Heavy hitters look to leave Mike Pero Mortgages
2nd - BNZ's home loan hero gets the chop
2nd - Seismic shifts at BNZ and Mike Pero
3rd - ANZ ups rates
7th - Landmark Court of Appeal decision on credit fees
9th - BNZ rolls out market leading special
10th - BNZ's back for brokers with trail commission
14th - RESIMAC reduces and enhances
14th - RESIMAC's new rates and policy updates
15th - BNZ's back in market with trails
16th - CGT for property investors would create interesting possibilities
16th - New special and carded cuts from Westpac
20th - BNZ Special ends; Kiwibank cuts
20th - [People] Mortgage Express adds another adviser
21st - [People] Chen changes BNZ board
22nd - Days numbered for HSBC's special rate
23rd - Poor turnaround times hurt advisers
24th - Kiwibank's three-year rate matched; OCR preview
24th - RBNZ rate cut unlikely – for now
28th - Second stage in no interest loans launched
28th - OCR predictions; No-interest loans
28th - [People] Mortgage Express recruits from outside
30th - The Co-operative Bank goes under 5%
30th - What the Reserve Bank said
30th - RBNZ outlines case for interest rate cut
30th - What are the odds of a interest rate cut?
May 2015
1st - ASB and Sovereign increase upfront commissions
1st - One low rate replaced by another
4th - SBS changes; ASB hikes commission rates
6th - Brokers play bigger role in ANZ home loan sales
6th - Brokers help ANZ
7th - ASB now calling for two OCR rate cuts
7th - ASB changes tune on OCR
7th - BNZ banks on brokers
11th - BNZ rolls out new Special
12th - More banks call for OCR cuts
12th - Long rates up, short rates to fall?
12th - Property borrowing to get easier with arrival of LendMe
13th - Auckland landlords face new lending restrictions
13th - RBNZ hits Auckland property investors
14th - College adds mortgage adviser module
15th - Sovereign breaks with ASB on one-year rates
15th - Cash back or rate cut; What would you take?
18th - Lots of changes today
22nd - Chinese banks creeping into lending market
22nd - ASB gets more aggressive with pricing
22nd - [People] New groups adds to supply of advisers
28th - ASB records bumper lending in first quarter
29th - Edge Mortgages switches groups again
June 2015
3rd - ANZ sharpens one-year rate
4th - New LVR rules to cut Auckland house price inflation
5th - New era of responsible lending begins
8th - RESIMAC's new low variable rates
8th - One economist calls for OCR cut this week; others say wait
8th - RESIMAC says bring it on
9th - BNZ's starts re-entry
9th - Digital deals done in 90 seconds
11th - OCR cut; Floating rates follow
11th - OCR cut
11th - OCR cut prompted by falling dairy prices
12th - BNZ makes big cut
15th - Today's yield curve
15th - One bank still to cut rates
15th - Westpac takes out top award
16th - Wasn't expecting this
17th - Kiwibank quietly tidies up home loan fees
17th - Kiwibank removes and reduces many home loan fees
18th - Should Ozzy banks should sell NZ assets?
19th - Under par GDP leads to OCR cut calls
19th - More banks take rates below 5%
20th - FMT adds another Auckland BDM
20th - Yield Curve: Small lenders v Big banks
22nd - Showtime: Big banks v smaller lenders
23rd - BNZ joins the sub-five group
24th - SBS finally moves - and what a move
24th - Banks net interest income falls - PwC
25th - Competitive pricing puts pressure on bank margins
29th - The numbers BNZ are disclosing
29th - TSB's turn
30th - ANZ's head of channel moves on
July 2015
1st - Please Sir, Can I borrow more
1st - Mini lending boom well underway
2nd - Falling dairy prices to prompt OCR cuts
2nd - Holy cow....more interest rate cuts predicted
3rd - ASB ditches TVs and stereos for AB gear
3rd - Big bank bags Bailey
6th - Westpac predicts three more OCR cuts this year
7th - Westpac calls for lots of OCR cuts
7th - Falling business confidence points to... OCR cuts
7th - The G cracks the big B mark
8th - ANZ rolls out new special
8th - Westpac loosens up apartment lending rules
14th - More cuts
15th - The Co-operative Bank makes next move
16th - Four eighty nine the new norm
16th - Former AIA executive joins mortgage business
17th - Westpac doffs its capped rates
17th - OCR cut on the cards this week
20th - Can you feel the rate cut coming?
21st - Banks hit LVR brakes
21st - The Co-operative Bank makes pre-emptive cuts
23rd - Why the Reserve Bank cut the OCR today
23rd - OCR cut to 3%
23rd - OCR cut to 3%
23rd - No surprises in Reserve Bank's move
27th - BNZ goes way down
28th - What's the best rate you have ever had?
29th - More OCR cuts are on the way - RBNZ
29th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
31st - Now BNZ and Westpac have been beaten
31st - HSBC does it again
August 2015
3rd - Mortgage rates inch lower
7th - ASB ditches reverse mortgages
7th - Low rates spread across terms
10th - Two lenders cut today
11th - Interesting move from ASB
12th - The Co-Op Bank's turn today
13th - Home loan lending takes lower prominence at ASB
13th - ASB talks home loans; TSB cuts rates
13th - No plans for trail from ASB
14th - Westpac's turn today
14th - Former Mike Pero adviser in court
14th - NZHL appoints new CEO
17th - NZ faces rising financial system risks – S&P
17th - SBS sharpens specials
18th - Property prices to blame for S&P downgrade
21st - LVR restrictions tweaked
24th - Investors increasing Auckland price pressure – RBNZ
26th - OCR reviewed less often
27th - Former Mike Pero broker banned
27th - New broker boss at ANZ
28th - Kiwibank plans digital future
30th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
September 2015
3rd - Guilty verdict in mortgage fraud case
4th - BNZ makes big move down
4th - BNZ rate will get brokers' phones ringing
4th - Economists predict OCR cut
7th - Lending up but profits flat
8th - ASB takes a leaf out of BNZ's book
9th - Watch the OCR live tomorrow on Good Returns
10th - The lowest floating rate on offer
10th - OCR cut: What the governor said
10th - Banks follow OCR down
10th - Further OCR cuts to come
11th - Home loan rate cuts to date
14th - Kiwibank vies for apartment market
14th - BNZ moves; ASB tries to get people moving
15th - ANZ cuts fixed rates; Apartment special
16th - Kiwibank adds to broker force
16th - More banks cut rates including a sharp special
17th - Kneale goes in Westpac restructure
18th - US Fed makes its decision
18th - No Change
18th - Six-month term borrowers' best bet
21st - Westpac gets rates into line
23rd - The Co-operative Bank shaves rates
24th - Interest rate rise could surprise, economist warns
25th - Limited low-deposit lending to investors
25th - RESIMAC adds processing fee to loan applications
25th - ANZ's unsolicited loan offer to client surprises adviser
28th - SBS turn to cut rates
28th - Global factors make for low rates
October 2015
5th - BNZ takes the lead
12th - Good old HSBC
13th - ANZ comes into line
14th - It's The Co-operative Bank's turn
14th - More OCR cuts likely – despite housing concerns
15th - Westpac introduces one-year special
19th - TSB joins the leaders
20th - GFS gets lending award
21st - Bank close to full house of sub 5% fixed rates
22nd - Auckland mortgage fraud under investigation
23rd - No cut expected for OCR
27th - Decline in high LVR lending to investors
28th - Broker channel working for BNZ
29th - OCR: What the governor said
29th - OCR: Unchanged for now; Details here
29th - RBNZ pushes pause on OCR
30th - Straight fours for The Co-operative Bank
November 2015
2nd - HSBC cuts
3rd - ANZ takes contrary view on next OCR hike
3rd - ANZ says no OCR cuts for Christmas
4th - A home loan rate goes UP; new market leading price; Auckland takes a hit
5th - Squirrel promises 'market-beating' low rates
6th - Westpac plays copy cat; Take our lending survey
6th - Confidence in rising house prices dwindling
9th - Labour cuts CGT from party policies
10th - Banking firms leave New Zealand
11th - Risks facing financial system have increased
11th - Financial Stability Report released
11th - Housing market still a risk - RBNZ
12th - Housing hangover settles on Auckland
12th - MTF case reaches Supreme Court
13th - New law may sting landlords dodging capital gains tax
16th - Rental WOF still on the cards
16th - More OCR cuts to come
17th - OCR cuts on way
18th - KiwiSaver advisers 'pushing products'
19th - PAA: Mud-slinging damaging the industry
19th - BNZ introduces new rate; Westpac moves
23rd - Amazing. A 3.99% home loan rate
23rd - SBS offers a home loan rate under 4%
24th - 'Clear mistakes' in MJW report
25th - The Co-op Bank goes long; FAA Options paper out
25th - The Co-operative Bank looks long
26th - Big drop in investor lending
26th - Blow to investor lending
27th - RMA won't fix Auckland housing crisis
30th - Seeking Goldilocks for FAA changes
December 2015
1st - TSB cuts rate; CU Baywide gets good ratings news
2nd - Market softening in the Super City
2nd - New normal threatens RBNZ tactics
3rd - Pain expected with FAA changes
4th - Odds are on an OCR cut
4th - Mixed predictions for OCR movement
7th - End of an era for Fidelity Life chief
8th - New magazine out now: Apartment Living
9th - What will the RBNZ say?
10th - OCR cut, maybe for final time. Rate cuts started
10th - What the Reserve Bank said today
10th - OCR cut to 2.5%
10th - Reluctance to cut may be wrong
10th - BNZ makes third party distribution appointment
11th - Momentum shifting
14th - LendMe fees under question
15th - Being aware of urban change drivers
16th - What tenants want
17th - Rents on the rise
21st - Times are changing
21st - New proposal for banks off-quarter reporting
22nd - Mortgage lending grows
23rd - Rezoning windfall?
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