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January 2014
February 2014
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January 2014
8th - High-LVR lending slows
10th - Brake comes off low-deposit lending
14th - Housing not biggest OCR pressure: Economists
14th - We want your views
21st - CPI puts pressure on
23rd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
24th - OCR move next week unlikely: Survey
27th - Mainstream banks not liking Facebook
28th - OCR set to stay the same: Westpac moves
29th - The Co-operative Bank adds rates
29th - High-LVR share drops further
30th - OCR unchanged: What the bank said
30th - What the RBNZ said
30th - Bagrie: Hikes will be effective
31st - OCR: What the economists said
31st - No rose-tinted glasses for Wheeler
February 2014
7th - Is one or three years a better bet?
8th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
11th - Low-LVR loans doing well: ANZ
12th - Room to move within rules: ASB
13th - Westpac appoints new broker boss
13th - House price vulnerability: S&P
14th - Westpac goes up and down
14th - Heartland buys equity release business
14th - ASB offers two-year special
17th - ASB special; BNZ cuts a term
18th - Pre-approvals 'problematic'
19th - Westpac adds a special
19th - Firms charged over non-reporting
21st - BNZ makes a Classic change
22nd - New 18-month specials
24th - Kiwibank reports $52 million profit
27th - Short-term fixers keep market competitive: Report
27th - Brokers have role as banks turn off tap
28th - Tide about to turn on low equity loans
28th - Tide about to turn on low equity loans
March 2014
4th - Borrowers still exposed to rates rises
4th - Regulation 2013's big news: Report
4th - RESIMAC abolish risk fees
4th - RESIMAC abolish risk fees
5th - Bugger the first home, let's just spend the deposit
6th - LVR rules only working at margins: Tuffley
6th - LVR rules having little impact - ASB's assessment
6th - A Royle view on interest rates
7th - More signs housing market cooling
10th - How much will the OCR rise this year?
10th - Prepare for interest rate lift off
11th - BNZ removes high rates for low equity loans
11th - BNZ removes high rates for low equity loans
12th - Housing approvals creep up
13th - The three-year wait is over. OCR up
13th - OCR up 25 basis points
13th - Debt servicing will be an issue: RBNZ
13th - What the economists said
14th - ANZ first out of the blocks
14th - Household indebtedness increasing
17th - Not every one has moved yet
18th - Rate rises moving to fixed rates
19th - More fixed rate rises
19th - Best bank rate review
21st - Westpac joins the party
24th - RESIMAC adds more options; Kiwibank increases short rates
26th - High-LVR lending inches up
26th - Westpac removes and increases rates
27th - Westpac's top rate nudges close to double digit interest rate
27th - Low equity lending rises, but one bank expensive
28th - Higher rates give RBNZ scope to lift LVR rules
31st - How good are your systems?
31st - ASB joins the increases
31st - RBNZ could relax LVR rules: Westpac
April 2014
1st - LVR rules could be relaxed
1st - Bank surprised at extent of lending drop
2nd - ANZ opts to fight in two-year space
4th - BNZ raises rates some more
7th - Low-equity fees face legal questions
7th - Westpac moves rates, defends low equity margin
8th - Westpac moves on tiers, but not on LEMs
9th - Multiple distribution channels a problem
9th - [VIDEO] Where does money come from?
9th - Two very different stories today
14th - Welcome Home Loans to expand
15th - More lenders to join Welcome Home Loans; SBS axes tiers
16th - Pricing chaos in home loan market
16th - Pricing chaos in home loan market
17th - Economists: Expect another increase
22nd - OCR heading up: Kiwibank already starts rises
23rd - Curtains for NZF
23rd - ANZ becomes more aggressive with low equity loans
23rd - ANZ eases low equity loan requirements
24th - What the Reserve Bank said about interest rates
24th - Yep, OCR up
24th - Economists predict up to three more hikes this year
28th - If you're a bank starting with A go
29th - Mortgage News today
29th - Labour's policies would encourage borrowing
29th - Low equity lending running at half speed
May 2014
1st - Peak of 4.5% would feel higher: ASB
1st - Nice moves guys
1st - LVR rules could be loosened this month: Westpac
1st - Bank distribution drives ANZ's mortgage growth
2nd - How ANZ is winning the battle
2nd - A week of the expected and unexpected
5th - ASB makes 3-year hero rate and offers more cash
5th - ASB makes 3-year hero rate and offers more cash
5th - Switch to fix puts pressure on: Westpac
7th - BNZ does a wee tweak
7th - Rules may be relaxed on Friday: Economists
8th - Parents 'propping up lending'
9th - Update on the New Zealand housing market [FEATURE with GRAPHS]
9th - LVR restrictions could come off this year
9th - LVR restrictions could come off this year
9th - Pressure coming on bank margins
13th - OCR increases having an impact
13th - Rate rises having an impact; SBS cuts
14th - Turnover down more than expected: RBNZ
15th - No handout for first-time buyers
15th - Rising home loan rates a fait accompli
16th - RBNZ: What might have happened without LVRs
16th - Bad broker Buddle changes plea
17th - HSBC goes sub 6%
20th - In case you missed it
21st - Westpac rises
22nd - Westpac backs CGT proposal
22nd - Westpac backs capital gains tax idea
23rd - Interest rates tipped to rise but price expectations weaken
23rd - Friday flurry
26th - Splitting encouraged
26th - Small lift in low-LVR lending
27th - BNZ opts for long rates
27th - AdviceFirst to manage Roost
28th - ANZ takes 14 points off special
30th - Westpac makes some moves
30th - Good time to fix
30th - Shift to fixed rates continues
June 2014
1st - [MR Radio] Listen to the latest home loan news
3rd - Listen to the latest home loan news
4th - The Co-operative Bank makes more cuts
5th - One and done, latest rates call
5th - Ups and downs at TSB
6th - All quiet on interest rate, and real estate market
6th - Rates may not rise as quickly as expected: Economists
6th - More specials
9th - All eyes on the OCR
10th - [MRadio] Listen to the latest home loan news
10th - Latest mortgage news broadcast online now
11th - TSB adds a market leading (nearly) special
12th - What the Reserve Bank said
12th - OCR up 25 basis points
12th - ANZ first with rate rise
13th - Here come the rate increases
13th - OCR: What the economists (and someone else) said
15th - [MRadio] Listen to the latest home loan news
16th - Latest mortgage news broadcast available now
18th - Kiwibank joins the movement
19th - Westpac finally moves
20th - Small bank moves
20th - ASB flattens rates out
20th - ASB flattens out home loan prices
23rd - [MRadio] Listen to the latest home loan news
23rd - Here's this week's mortgage news report
25th - Auckland to fuel SBS's future growth
25th - SBS looks to Auckland for growth
26th - ASB chases brokers; BNZ hikes rates
27th - Westpac next to move: RESIMAC move too
27th - Bonus commission offers continue
30th - [MRadio] Who dropped rates and some free advice
July 2014
1st - Very good 2 year specials start going; ANZ cuts and tucks rates
1st - Borrowers move to fixed rates
2nd - OCR might be near 4% without LVR rules
2nd - TSB makes increases but leaves long-end alone
4th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
7th - [MRadio] The not-so-special specials
7th - ASB increases cash contribution
7th - Loan-to-income restrictions favoured
8th - First peer-to-peer lending licence issued
8th - First P2P licence issued; More rate changes
10th - Responsible lending code creeps closer
10th - What should be included in a Responsible Lending Code?
11th - Westpac copies ASB
13th - How ANZ's new special stacks up
14th - ANZ swaps from three to two
14th - [MRadio] Listen to the latest home loan news
15th - Two up; two down for TSB
16th - Real estate firm adds finance arm
16th - New finance group emerges
17th - New low rates from HSBC
18th - Hike coming, but what next?
18th - HSBC dumps sales targets
18th - Buddle sentenced
18th - Rate hike on, but not a done deal
21st - Targets go; broker jailed
21st - [MRadio] OCR preview and more on cash contributions
22nd - RBNZ speech
23rd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
24th - Cash rate rises; ANZ moves immediately
24th - What the Reserve Bank said about interest rates
25th - ANZ up first as usual; ASB second
25th - Interest rates could fall during the OCR pause
28th - BNZ up; Westpac special
29th - Westpac does a 35 basis point hike
30th - Kiwibank and AMP next movers
31st - Today it's the turn of the smaller banks and lenders
August 2014
4th - New two-year special
5th - BNZ joins in
5th - [MRadio] Two-year the new hot rate
6th - Catch me if you can
7th - It didn't take long
7th - Westpac brings back trail commissions
8th - Westpac brings back trail commissions
11th - Westpac cuts and lowers
12th - Next OCR hike not till March: ASB
12th - BNZ follows suit: ASB changes OCR forecast
12th - Westpac CEO resigns
13th - Another record profit for a bank
13th - Another record profit for a bank
14th - New lending options coming
15th - Calling all property investors
18th - [MRadio] A refi tale
18th - HSBC removes specials and changes rates
20th - Pretty benign economic news
22nd - RESIMAC moves to end the week
26th - Fixed home loan rates come down
28th - BNZ has new Classic rate
30th - ASB adds Special
September 2014
1st - TSB picks on two-year rate
1st - New course for mortgage advisers
2nd - ANZ takes action to on-year rate
8th - Not much flavour expected in OCR announcement
8th - OCR preview: Kiwibank plays long game
11th - OCR to be held - and for sometime
11th - What the Reserve Bank said - Sept
11th - Interest rates on hold for some time
11th - Floating rates flat for seven more months
15th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
16th - TSB cuts a couple of rates
17th - HSBC does it again
20th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
22nd - Kiwibank takes knife to one-year rate
23rd - Christmas comes early for RESIMAC brokers
23rd - Christmas comes early
26th - Four year securitisation drought ends
October 2014
4th - ANZ drops low equity rates
15th - BNZ moves rates
19th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
23rd - Criteria for lifting LVR rules reviewed soon: Wheeler
27th - Big changes to interest rate forecasts
28th - Changes to interest rate forecasts
29th - Please complete our lending survey
30th - What the Reserve Bank said
30th - Here is what the RB governor said today
30th - BNZ books big profit on lending turnaround
30th - OCR good news for borrowers
31st - HSBC does it again
31st - Co-operative Bank loses court battle over branding
31st - ANZ staff drive solid result
November 2014
3rd - More short term home loan rate cuts
5th - SBS moves down again
6th - What the mortgage leaders are thinking
10th - BNZ and RESIMAC move rates
12th - LVR restrictions to stay for some time
12th - LVR restrictions staying
14th - Property investors maybe subject to new income rule
14th - Five-plus property investment rule changing
15th - ASB group goes sub six percent
20th - Westpac's Special rates of change
20th - Kiwibank hits the brakes
21st - BNZ takes axes to three-year rates
25th - ANZ chops rates
27th - Squirrel applies to become QFE
28th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
December 2014
1st - ASB makes matching changes
8th - The Kiwibank group move; Where will the OCR go next?
8th - Where will the OCR go next?
11th - Where will the OCR go next?
11th - What the Reserve Bank said - Dec
11th - The latest from the Reserve Bank
11th - All power to the consumers
15th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
18th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
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