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Mortgage News Archive 2013

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January 2013
February 2013
March 2013
April 2013
May 2013
June 2013
July 2013
August 2013
September 2013
October 2013
November 2013
December 2013
January 2013
3rd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
8th - Bank expects action on the housing boom this year
18th - ASB pushes out date for OCR increase
21st - The first rates changes of 2013 and a merger
22nd - Westpac special but no cash back
26th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
29th - OCR to move this year: Economists
29th - OCR predictions for this week
29th - Tripe: Banks exposed
30th - Green Party claims 'misguided'
31st - Predictions come true
31st - OCR on hold - as predicted
31st - Economists surprised by Wheeler's hawkish tone
31st - OCR: What the economists said
February 2013
1st - Mortgage Rates Commentary
1st - Surge in lending growth for Kiwi banks
4th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
4th - Different approach to target Asian market
5th - ASB: Tools will be used to delay OCR hike
11th - Westpac cuts rates
13th - LVR restrictions picked for Aucklanders
14th - Kiwibank's "lowest-ever" rate
15th - Kiwibank gets aggressive in the short term
18th - Edge Mortgages leaves Newpark for another group
18th - From one group to another
18th - ANZ pleased with loan growth despite profit dip
19th - NZF settles dispute over sale of home loan book
19th - One problem solved for NZF
20th - Banks target first-home buyers
20th - Battle for first home buyers
22nd - Westpac specials to end
22nd - Pressure on interest rates
25th - A warning to start the week; BNZ cuts
25th - Low interest rates not giving big loan book boost
26th - HSBC takes home loans below 5%
26th - HSBC offers home loans at 4.99%
28th - Low rates 'hiding mortgage stress'
28th - Govt moves to cool housing market
March 2013
1st - Merger complete
1st - Deal done; lending volumes up.
1st - Home loan lending pace picks up
4th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
4th - RBNZ calls for input on macroprudential tools
5th - What do you think of the RBNZ's new tools?
5th - Ombudsman reports home loan lending complaints
6th - Complaints rise - along with lending volumes
7th - New tool to sort home loan rates
8th - Reserve Bank increases communication
8th - More openess from the RBNZ
11th - OCR tipped to stay on hold but changes loom
11th - OCR tipped to stay on hold but changes loom
11th - Free TV latest bank carrot
11th - Banks sued over fees
13th - Reserve Bank faces tricky decision tomorrow
14th - No change to the OCR
14th - RBNZ leaves OCR unchanged
14th - OCR on hold: RBNZ
14th - No OCR change this year, lower mortgage rates possible
15th - Yep, home loan rates go down
15th - ANZ cuts a rate but increases others
18th - A rate fall before a hike
18th - Fitch warns about high LVR lending
19th - Westpac joins the action
19th - Westpac matches ANZ
20th - IMF sounds bubble warning
20th - Brokers should make gimmicks irrelevant: McLeod
22nd - Wheeler should move rate now: Economist
22nd - Kiwi banks ranked in top 25
22nd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
26th - BNZ cuts long rates: RBNZ proposal may increase rates
26th - Increased capital requirements 'could make loans more expensive'
27th - Customers switch banks at twice normal rate
27th - RBNZ proposal may increase rates; Bank customers on the move
27th - The Co-operative Bank's latest changes
28th - Battle in the three-year term
29th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
April 2013
2nd - Latest lending numbers
4th - Lo-doc for Christchurch
4th - Lo-doc for Christchurch
4th - Lo-doc lending for Christchurch
7th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
8th - Kiwibank's 4.79% offer ends
8th - Low OCR may not be a sure bet: RBNZ
9th - Kiwibank ends one special starts another
10th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
11th - Buoyant market tempts new brokers
17th - Competition keeps bank margins low: KPMG
18th - Competition putting pressure on bank margins
20th - One-year home loan rates fall
22nd - Banks cut one-year rates ahead of OCR
22nd - No move in OCR yet: Economists
23rd - No move in OCR yet: Economists
24th - SBS goes under 5% across the board
24th - More cuts; Latest on the OCR
24th - The latest on the OCR
24th - Threats of OCR hike possibly a ploy: Economist
25th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
29th - New low equity charge for Westpac customers
29th - New low equity charge from Westpac
30th - Westpac makes its one-year rate look good
30th - Westpac makes its one-year rate look good
30th - RESIMAC rate changes
May 2013
1st - Finance company customers seek out banks
1st - Mortgage Rates Commentary
3rd - Westpac reduces appetite risk
6th - BNZ takes the one-year lead
6th - More action with one-year home loan rates
7th - Interest rate warning for borrowers
8th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
8th - RBNZ introducing macroprudential tools 'soon'
15th - Kiwibank switches home loan specials to two year term
15th - Kiwibank does a switch
16th - Mike Pero accusations fly
16th - Final battle for control of Mike Pero Mortgages starts
17th - S&P sounds warning to some lenders
17th - S&P sounds warning to some lenders
20th - RBNZ confirms macroprudential tools
20th - Lender of the year named
21st - Top mortgage brokers named
22nd - Kiwibank outlook downgraded
22nd - Kiwibank outlook downgraded
23rd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
24th - Strong disapproval of ban on low home deposits
24th - Strong disapproval of ban on low home deposits
24th - ANZ cuts one-year rate
24th - Fraud accused not registered adviser
27th - NZF accepts Pero valuation
27th - NZF accepts Pero valuation
27th - NZF approves sale
28th - Mike Pero Mortgages now Australian owned
29th - New tactic with home loan specials
29th - ASB's new one year deal
30th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
30th - Wheeler hints OCR cut possible
31st - Mortgage lending picks up pace
June 2013
4th - Borrowers go long
4th - Borrowers go long
5th - New bank tools possibly days away: BNZ
5th - New bank tools possibly days away: BNZ
6th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
7th - Restrictions on lending may have little impact
7th - Kiwibank switches home loan promotion
10th - Nine more months of unchanged OCR predicted
10th - Interest rate predictions
11th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
12th - Pero sale settled
12th - Flurry of home loan rate cuts
13th - Slight interest rate rise forecast
13th - Slight interest rate rise forecast
13th - Liberty finally gains control of Mike Pero
14th - What the experts said
14th - What the experts said about the OCR
17th - Long rates rise; Classic goes
17th - Consumer confidence stats won't change RBNZ mind: ASB
18th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
19th - Predictions for floating rates
21st - Kiwibank increases two-year rate
22nd - Long rates rising
25th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
26th - The rate rises keep coming; Facebook your rate
26th - Facebook your home loan rate
27th - Loan restrictions could help maintain stability: RBNZ
27th - Loan restrictions could help maintain stability: RBNZ
28th - Ways around LVR restrictions
28th - Long rate hikes from HSBC; Top up loans to get around LVR restrictions
July 2013
1st - Mortgage Rates Commentary
1st - Tools 'would have worked in last boom'
2nd - BNZ hikes long term rates
2nd - Move to fix takes hold
3rd - Move to fixed rates takes hold
3rd - Debt-fuelled bubble 'a mistake'
5th - ANZ pushes up home loan rates
7th - [VIDEO] What it takes to be a top mortgage adviser
8th - Steps to mortgage broking success
9th - Buddle trial date set
9th - Westpac lets customers get home loan approvals on mobile phones
9th - Get your loan approved on your mobile
10th - OCR hike middle of next year, NZIER says; Buddle court date set
11th - New app threat to brokers
11th - Westpac goes higher and challenges brokers
12th - Sea of red rates
12th - How bank home loan rates compare
15th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
16th - Rates just keep rising
17th - TSB turn; OCR increase warning
18th - BNZ thinks floating rates about to rise
18th - BNZ thinks floating rates about to rise
18th - Christmas OCR rise predicted
19th - Rate watching
22nd - Brokers concerned about LVR restrictions
22nd - Brokers concerned about LVR restrictions
22nd - OCR move tipped within a year
23rd - RBNZ expected to be rock steady this week
24th - Key backs off on first home buyer exemptions - a little
24th - Key backs off on first home buyer exemptions - a little
25th - No change from central bank; Rate change from big bank
25th - No OCR change - see what RBNZ said
25th - Hike 'may come sooner than expected'
25th - Kiwibank promotes offsets
26th - Interest rates: A game of two halves
26th - Reading the OCR tea leaves
29th - Kiwibank switches home loan focus
29th - Westpac third to market with offset loan
30th - Offsets open LVR debate
31st - Consider other tools to cool market: Commentators
31st - Springboard clearly LVR move: Matthews
August 2013
1st - New rate from TSB
2nd - Two banks join RealMe; another thinks about it
5th - RESIMAC makes some changes to rates and fees
5th - Low equity loans fine as long as priced properly: Church
6th - More on high LVR lending
7th - RBA cuts, lenders pass
8th - LVR lending restrictions may not materialize
8th - CEO of biggest broking group resigns
9th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
13th - Returning to the heart of being a broker
13th - Two tier home loan pricing
13th - Reserve Bank releases response to submissions on high-LVR restrictions
14th - LVR restrictions at odds with Government: Eaqub
14th - Loan restrictions creep closer - or do they?
14th - LVR restrictions a significant change: ASB
15th - ASB's bumper profit
16th - Cycle 'may be only half-way through'
16th - More to go with house prices
19th - Floating rates set to go close to 8%
19th - LVR restrictions a thicker mattress rather than a stout fence
20th - LVR restrictions a thicker mattress rather than a stout fence
20th - Bank lending restrictions announced
20th - LVR move stricter than predicted
20th - Customers 'will be disadvantaged'
21st - Bank customers will be disadvantaged by lending restrictions; BNZ hikes
22nd - Kiwibank moves to self-insure loans
22nd - Kiwibank moves to self insure its loans
23rd - ANZ cracks 7% mark
23rd - New wave of rate hikes starts
26th - ASB ups rates and adds special
27th - TSB deletes special rate; Speed bumps will work
27th - ANZ says speed bumps will slow the housing market
28th - Kiwibank aims to grow its share of the home loan pie
28th - Kiwibank aims to grow its share of the home loan pie
30th - Three of seven plead guilty to mortgage fraud
30th - Three of seven plead guilty to mortgage fraud
September 2013
1st - Watch out for guarantees: Ombudsman
3rd - Westpac increases rates
3rd - Low equity loans get more expensive
4th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
6th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
6th - Kiiwbank splits rates
7th - Westpac joins low-equity fee hikes
7th - LVR restrictions impact home loan pricing
9th - OCR on hold but not all good news for borrowers
10th - No OCR change, but rates still rising
10th - Lowest home loan rate in a decade: HSBC
11th - Lowest rate in a decade
12th - What the Reserve Bank said
12th - What the Reserve Bank said
12th - LVR move's effectiveness uncertain: Wheeler
13th - Young borrowers actively rate shopping
13th - Young borrowers actively rate shopping
16th - ASB adds second special
17th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
20th - Specials not so special
23rd - It's not just home loans that maybe counted in LVR numbers
23rd - What's in the L and V of LVR?
23rd - Pre-approvals cancelled
24th - ASB cancels pre-approved loans
24th - Finance Minister slams ASB move
26th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
26th - RBNZ 'learning by doing'
27th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
27th - The future of pre-approvals in doubt
30th - Changes to ASB rates
October 2013
2nd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
2nd - LVR restrictions 'could spark complaints'
3rd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
4th - Banks' interest margin up
4th - Wheeler explains why loan-to-value ratios were introduced
7th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
10th - ANZ's two-tier home loan rates
10th - More deals offered for those with equity
11th - Low equity loans for good brokers only
11th - RESIMAC restricts low equity lending
14th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
15th - Westpac reassesses preapprovals
21st - LVR limits won't affect OCR yet: ASB
23rd - Lending rates slowing
25th - OCR decision a balance of dollar vs inflation
31st - OCR unchanged at 2.50%
31st - Dollar concerns RBNZ
November 2013
1st - BNZ offering next-to-no low-deposit loans
6th - Fees may hit bank profits
6th - Hot competition for higher-equity borrowers
11th - ASB lowers one two-year rate
11th - ASB lowers one two-year rate
11th - Face-to-face time limited for banks
12th - Westpac follows ASB
12th - BNZ rewards higher-equity borrowers
13th - Too early to tell if speed bumps work: RBNZ
13th - Housing market still worries Reserve Bank
13th - RBNZ expects construction demand to stay strong
15th - Tell us about your bank
18th - TNP loses home loan boss
18th - Mortgage top-ups go mobile
19th - BNZ offers new rate and lowers others
20th - We have a new bank
22nd - Kiwibank latest with home loan app
22nd - Kiwibank goes mobile with home loan applications
25th - ASB cuts rates again. ANZ adds special
26th - Kiwibank already near target before rules kicked in
26th - Kiwibank slowing down before speed bumps
28th - RESIMAC takes full control of home loan book
28th - Higher-equity borrowers pick up mortgage slack
28th - Impact of LVR restrictions revealed
29th - Changes at Westpac broker unit
December 2013
3rd - Chances of an OCR increase early next year rise
3rd - Westpac enticing first home buyers to save
3rd - OCR increase is coming; Westpac chases FHBs
5th - LVR restrictions changing why houses sold
5th - Home loan numbers creep up
5th - Rules are making a difference: Helm
6th - LVR rules are making a difference
6th - Public not listening to us: RBNZ
9th - Listen to what we say RBNZ urges
9th - Westpac splits floating rate
10th - Westpac splits ratecard
10th - Construction loans exempt from LVR rules
10th - Kiwibank chases borrowers with floating rate special
11th - So RBNZ makes exceptions now
12th - OCR held, but for how long?
12th - OCR held, but not for much longer
12th - Mortgage pain coming
13th - Carve out of new builds not a back-down: Wheeler
13th - It's not a back down: Wheeler
17th - ANZ hikes all fixed rates
18th - Westpac follows ANZ
19th - TMM online
19th - Confidence may prompt OCR hike
20th - Lots of rate changes to end the week
24th - One big bank to go
27th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
29th - LVR rules tweaked
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