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January 2012
February 2012
March 2012
April 2012
May 2012
June 2012
July 2012
August 2012
September 2012
October 2012
November 2012
December 2012
January 2012
3rd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
9th - The first for 2012
11th - First change for the year
12th - Kiwibank starts year aggressively
12th - Kiwibank goes long
16th - Downgrade the big news
17th - BNZ sees little change in OCR this year
18th - Don't expect any OCR increases soon
19th - Fixed rates bottomed: Westpac
20th - ANZ National cut rates
23rd - Where to for the OCR?
24th - [UPDATED] Perky housing market may force rate hike
25th - Another bank cuts rates
26th - Down they come
26th - What Bollard said
26th - Bollard holds OCR steady as US Fed prompts currency jump
26th - ASB cuts 1 to 5 year fixed home loan rates
27th - ASB cuts 1 to 5 year fixed home loan rates
28th - Not all rates down
30th - Bollard casts off from bank
30th - Bollard casts off from bank
31st - Bollard's departure sparks monetary policy debate
February 2012
1st - Do we have the best way of setting the OCR?
2nd - Next banks to move
2nd - Kiwibank cuts. Just BNZ to go
3rd - More fixed rate cuts
7th - A couple more cuts
8th - Bubble control
8th - RBNZ considers options to contain housing bubble
9th - Another view on the housing market
10th - BNZ finally joins the cuts
13th - Falling rates stimulate greater interest in fixed-rate mortgages
13th - Chch people expecting higher interest rates
14th - ANZ National cut rates
15th - Liberty sues NZF claiming breach of Mike Pero Mortgages JV
16th - Liberty sues NZF
16th - Liberty says legal action against NZF in Mike Pero Mortgages' best interests
17th - More rates down; Pratley resigns and Liberty talks
20th - Break fees. What break fees?
20th - Controversial break fees gone?
20th - BNZ's mortgage book, profits grew strongly in December quarter
21st - Professional body fight brewing
21st - Inflation expectations fall sharply
21st - One tiny cut
23rd - Kiwibank offers special: Westpac cuts
23rd - Pratley moves NZMBA resignation forward
24th - Kiwibank offers special: Westpac cuts
24th - Kiwibank near quadruples 2Q profit, mortgage book grew
26th - Quiet start
29th - New bank results
29th - Co-operative Bank's Dec Qtr profit falls, mortgage book grows
29th - TSB's mortgage book stalls, SBS's book shrinks
March 2012
1st - ANZ's mortgage book continues to shrink
1st - Find out how ANZ is doing
1st - Westpac's Dec Qtr profit surges but mortgage lending slows to a trickle
2nd - Westpac and ASB's turn
2nd - ASB's mortgage book shrinks for a seventh successive quarter
2nd - Time to fix: Westpac
5th - What will the Governor do this week?
5th - Bollard likely to hold interest rates steady
6th - Loose lending on low volumes
6th - Sluggish mortgage growth prompts aggressive loosening of lending standards
7th - Mortgage applications top pre-GFC/recession levels
7th - Maybe things are turning around
7th - Mortgage approvals growing but nowhere near boom levels
8th - OCR update and TSB changes
8th - RBNZ: OCR statement
8th - Floating mortgage rate rise remote
9th - Rising funding costs aren't hurting NZ banks: RBNZ
9th - Only significant changes this week
11th - HSBC offers lowest one year rate in a decade
12th - Exciting start to the week
13th - Broker association update
13th - D Day looms for NZMBA
14th - Positive property news
15th - Still quiet - on one front
16th - Deal done - almost
19th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
19th - No housing boom looming: English
19th - To fix, float or take a third option?
20th - Three points to consider with home loans
21st - Banks rely on Aussie generosity
21st - Final hurdle crossed
22nd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
23rd - More on fixed v floating
27th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
27th - Rates quiet; activity increasing
29th - Rod Templeton to leave Mortgage Link, won't be replaced
April 2012
1st - Credit growth minimal again in February
2nd - Slow all around
3rd - The fix v float debate continues
3rd - HSBC suffers ballooning bad debt charges, mortgage book shrinks
4th - HSBC has a tough last quarter
5th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
9th - One for interest rate watchers
13th - Where's the action?
16th - Banks still making lots of money
18th - Economic news little cause for concern
19th - Interesting developments at NZF
19th - Resimac unlikely to be affected by NZF Group's woes
20th - NZF actions won't stop new owner
23rd - Reserve Bank likely to hold rates low for longer
24th - Borrowing strategies to ponder
26th - OCR update
26th - The rate remains the same
26th - Floating mortgage rates unlikely to rise this year and may even fall
26th - Kiwibank slashes one-year fixed mortgage rate to 4.99%
27th - Kiwibank goes sub 5%
30th - NZF Group's assets remain frozen
30th - Westpac changes its mind
30th - Credit growth ticks up, floating rate mortgages rise in March
May 2012
2nd - The latest on credit growth
3rd - ANZ's new approach to lending
3rd - Westpac mortage portfolio grew 1% to $35.4b in six months ended March
4th - What's happening at Mike Pero Mortgages?
4th - Where is Pero's boss?
7th - ANZ National streamlines its mortgage application process
7th - ANZ streamlines its mortgage application process
7th - Riley's new home
8th - Riley's new home
8th - SBS cuts longer term home loan rates
9th - We have rate cuts
9th - Reserve Bank guesses at reasons for dramatic slowdown of credit growth
9th - ANZ slashes its one-year fixed mortgage rate to 5.25%
10th - Lenders are waking up
10th - BNZ says it's winning market share in deposits and mortgages
11th - BNZ says it's winning
11th - ANZ National sharpens rate for Chch borrowers
13th - BNZ tickles interest in fixed rates
14th - When it rains it pours
14th - ASB joins rate cutters
15th - More banks slash home loan rates
16th - Smaller players get in on the action
16th - Why aren't the banks cutting their floating mortgage rates?
17th - Why floating rates remain unmoved
17th - Kiwibank matches most of the market
18th - Rates battle moves to new field
20th - ANZ National Bank go lower
21st - More home loan rate cuts to come
22nd - More specials
22nd - Further evidence OCR won't rise soon as inflation expectations fall
23rd - It's HSBC, BNZ and Co-op bank's turn
23rd - BNZ's March Qtr new mortgage growth slowest in two years
24th - ASB Bank's mortgage book growths for first in 8 quarters
24th - Pausing for breath
25th - ASB cuts 6 and 18 month rates
25th - ANZ has best quarter in mortgage market since 2007
28th - First up this week is Westpac
28th - ANZ's best quarter since 2007 hard work: Thompson
29th - Who knows where rates are heading?
29th - An outside chance of an OCR cut this year
30th - The OCR may actually fall this year
30th - HSBC mortgage book shrinkage
30th - Kiwibank claims win with rate campaign
30th - NZF Group posts $16.2 m annual loss
31st - One bank up; another not so good
31st - Kiwibank's mortgage book grows fast but momentum slips
31st - Reserve Bank data show mortgage cuts stimulating activity
June 2012
1st - Rate cutting stimulates housing market
1st - Westpac's mortgage book resumed aggressive growth in March Qtr
5th - TSB grows loan book on higher LVR business
5th - Westpac and TSB's loan books in the spotlight
6th - TSB takes two-year rate down
7th - SBS follows TSB down on two year term
7th - Westpac says empowering front-line staff fuels mortgage book growth
8th - What do you think will happen with interest rates?
10th - Markets still pricing in interest rate cut
11th - Interest rate poll results plus survey
12th - Who is forcing mortgagee sales?
13th - Is this a sign of things to come?
14th - What will the Gov do?
14th - Reserve Bank's Bollard holds OCR steady
14th - OCR unchanged at 2.5 percent
14th - Bollard keeps rates on hold; OCR cut an outside chance
15th - What the OCR news means for home loans
18th - Increased house sales not just about interest rates
19th - More signs of rate rises
20th - Olly Newland on house prices
20th - Co-operative Bank grows mortgage book, gains new CEO
21st - What do you thinks is happening in the property market?
21st - Resimac and Loan Market launch NZ joint-venture
22nd - New non-bank lender arrives
25th - Westpac switches position
26th - Time for a fix
26th - New RBNZ governor revealed
27th - Too much huffing and puffing over house prices
27th - March a bumper quarter for mortgage lending; quake hits SBS's book
28th - Bumper quarter for lending
July 2012
1st - Move to fixed home loan rates starts
2nd - The shift to fixed has started
3rd - ASB puts a ring around a rate
4th - Property investors moving loans
5th - Kiwibank offers 4.99% home loan rate
5th - Kiwibank offers 4.99% home loan rate
8th - More little signs of things to come; Kiwibank ups stake
9th - Kiwibank takes all of advisory firm
10th - Rate movements both ways
11th - OCR on hold for some time: NZIER
11th - OCR on hold for some time: NZIER
12th - What triggers home loan rate changes?
12th - What makes rates move?
13th - More rate increases
16th - People shopping for home loans
16th - Growing numbers shop for home loans
17th - Liberty strips its home loan rates and cuts fees
18th - Big and small bank rate changes
20th - OCR staying low for foreseeable future
23rd - OCR predictions
23rd - OCR to remain on hold until March 2013 - at least
24th - Radical thinking needed on housing affordability
25th - Downward pressure on rates?
26th - No change to OCR
26th - What the RBNZ governor said today
26th - Reserve Bank keeps OCR on hold
27th - Steady as she goes
28th - ASB's new Olympic special
31st - Westpac still favours fixed home loan rates
August 2012
1st - Two year rates attracting borrowers
1st - Two-year fixed rates attract borrowers
1st - Mortgage holders storm out of floating rates
2nd - Housing market set to become frothy
3rd - Lo-doc lending back again
5th - Kiwibank takes lead with new 18 month rate
6th - Westpac fires shot
8th - The Block - A good investment?
9th - Kerry Buddle pleads guilty to non-broking related charges
9th - Broker Buddle enters plea
9th - Blue Chip investors win Supreme Court victory
10th - ASB takes lead in two-year space
13th - Olympics end; Special goes
14th - Kiwibank challenged; One little change
14th - Kiwibank's home loan guarantee challenged
15th - Calling all property investors
16th - ASB comments on home loans
16th - ASB's branded home loans grow
17th - Feeling busy?
17th - ANZ and National banks move rates
20th - Housing market to remain sketchy: ANZ
20th - ANZ sets record for home loans
21st - ANZ sets home loan record
21st - Businesses and households expect subdued inflation
22nd - Kiwibank's mortgage growth momentum slows; need $200m in fresh capital
22nd - BNZ's mortgage book growth losing momentum, profit jumps
22nd - BNZ and Kiwibank tell their stories
24th - TSB's 15 month rate
27th - ASB & Co cut rates
27th - Different home loan strategies
28th - Making sense of ASB's strategy
29th - SBS mortgage book shrinks again
29th - Quake shakes up SBS book
30th - Heartland leaves home loans to the banks
30th - Heartland to give residential lending the flick
31st - Co-operative exploits temporary window to grow low equity mortgages
31st - Mortgage Rates Commentary
September 2012
3rd - SBS makes another cut
3rd - Westpac maintains market share
3rd - TSB's mortgage book shrinks due to government restrictions
4th - Move to fixed rates continues
4th - Shift to fixed continues: Broker charged
4th - Former mortgage broker Buddle charged
5th - Banks' bad debt charges set to blow out again: Tripe
5th - Bad debts and bad advice
5th - Liberty gets Mike Pero
6th - Mike Pero changes hands
7th - Rate and house price updates
10th - Bollard's swansong low interest rates
10th - Bollard's swansong: Low interest rates
11th - Westpac's cut and tuck
12th - All quiet
13th - RBNZ leaves cash rate unchanged; Cost of mortgages historically low
13th - ASB's home loan book shrinks - again
13th - OCR unchanged; rate increases subdued
13th - OCR to stay flat for at least a year
14th - Predictions for the OCR
17th - ANZ National cut rates
19th - Rates down
21st - Borrowers spoilt for choice
21st - RBNZ targets house prices
21st - Is the home loan battle moving?
24th - Is the home loan battle moving to a new space?
24th - HSBC kicks off Spring lending campaign
25th - The first Spring home loan campaign
26th - Another little cut
26th - One brand but no difference says ANZ boss
27th - Kiiwbank makes big cuts
27th - National Bank customers prey for other banks
28th - Kiwibank makes big cuts
October 2012
1st - One bank down another up
3rd - ASB's astronomical offer
4th - New bank goes low
5th - Westpac latest to move
5th - Westpac has cut four key home loan fixed rates
8th - Latest Spring campaign news
8th - ANZ extends cash offer
9th - Another two year rate lowered
10th - The latest to cut rates are...
11th - Kiwibank extends earthquake package
12th - Kiwibank extends earthquake package
15th - Rate withdrawn: ANZ's latest views
15th - Home loan rates could be lower
16th - Kiwibank removes special cap; BNZ says OCR can be lowered
16th - Rate cut conditions improving
17th - Kiwibank removes lending restrictions
17th - Life coach convicted of mortgage fraud
18th - NZ interest rates tipped to fall
18th - Home loan rates may not fall much further
18th - Housing market caught in vice
19th - Lender no longer fixed, but floating along
22nd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
23rd - Credit unions merge and drop fixed rates
24th - New RBNZ governor not likely to wheel out rate cut
24th - Wheeler's first OCR announcement previewed
25th - New governor leaves OCR alone
25th - Wheeler leaves OCR unchanged in his first statement
25th - Hint of optimism in OCR announcement
26th - Floating rate rise riles customers
26th - Dec 6 will be telling for monetary policy
29th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
30th - Kiwibank credit rating cut
31st - Kiwibank's credit rating cut
November 2012
1st - BNZ latest to unveil results
1st - BNZ not targeting NBNZ customers
2nd - How do you rate your bank?
2nd - OCR low but not forever
3rd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
5th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
6th - Westpac CEO on rate rise
6th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
7th - BNZ's new rates
8th - LVR limits off the table (for now)
8th - RBNZ backs off LVR limits
9th - New lender; Westpac gets down with its competitors
9th - Resimac offers special launch rates
12th - Home loan rates go up
13th - Banks lending up to 95%
14th - Residental property again #1
16th - Restrictions on bank LVRs
18th - Our profits are misunderstood: Bank
19th - Bank profits not as big as reported: BNZ
20th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
21st - [UPDATED] A cut - at last
21st - Home loan lending helps bank stability
22nd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
23rd - Kiwibank adds new special rate
26th - How much is Mike Pero Mortgages worth now?
26th - Mike Pero Mortgages value revealed
27th - Questions over Mike Pero valuation
27th - Questions over Mike Pero valuation
29th - BNZ cuts rates and withdraws others; net result an increase
30th - Rates held, but growing chance of a cut
30th - What will happen to interest rates next week?
December 2012
4th - More houses needed
4th - Wheeler denies bank bias
5th - How profitable are our banks really?
6th - Wheeler says appropriate to keep OCR at 2.50%
6th - OCR unchanged
6th - No OCR cut on horizon
6th - The OCR ain't going anywhere
6th - RBNZ talks about new tools
7th - What we learnt about interest rates yesterday
10th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
13th - NZ Home Loans hits $1 bill mark
13th - NZ Home Loans cracks a record
14th - Mortgage fraudster sent to jail
17th - Kiwibank cuts long; ANZ special gone
18th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
18th - Home loan market too hot for Public Trust
19th - One lender shuts up shop
20th - Complete our survey and win
21st - Specials all but gone
21st - Interest rate predictions for 2013
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