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Mortgage News Archive 2011

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January 2011
February 2011
March 2011
April 2011
May 2011
June 2011
July 2011
August 2011
September 2011
October 2011
November 2011
December 2011
January 2011
7th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
10th - Bank switching easier with new rules
11th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
12th - TNP latest to launch mortgage broker group
12th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
13th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
13th - Bank switching easier this year
14th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
17th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
17th - Kiwibank cuts one-year rate to match floating
18th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
18th - Kiwibank to make first cuts to rates for 2011
19th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
19th - OCR increase expectations pushed out to September
19th - NZ Home Loans appoints new CEO
20th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
20th - Kiwibank tests the market
23rd - Borrowers can relax as rate rise unlikely
24th - OCR preview
25th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
26th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
27th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
27th - OCR unchanged at 3%
27th - Bollard keeps interest rates on hold
27th - OCR on hold till growth and inflation increase
28th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
February 2011
1st - September OCR increase more likely
2nd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
3rd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
3rd - Kiwibank one-year rate special "extremely successful"
3rd - Southern Cross Finance to refund borrowers up to $700,000
4th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
4th - BNZ pushes back OCR increase prediction
4th - More experts back Sept rate rise
4th - More borrowers float than ever before
7th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
7th - The economy's getting its breath back
8th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
9th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
9th - L’Almont resigns from Mortgage Express after 12 years
9th - TNP Home Loans growing membership
10th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
10th - Mike Pero Mortgages welcomes new broker
10th - NZMBA to help members grow business in 2011
11th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
11th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
14th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
14th - Mike Pero launches real estate company
14th - Market now expects October OCR hike
14th - Allied Kiwi Adviser of the Year Awards
15th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
16th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
17th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
18th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
18th - HSBC takes six-month rate below 5%
21st - Westpac figures suggest bank disclosure regime is broken
21st - Mortgage Rates Commentary
22nd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
22nd - Earthquake means OCR to hold till 2012
22nd - BNZ's mortgage book, profitability grew strongly in Dec qtr
23rd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
23rd - Banks offer loan relief for quake victims
24th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
24th - TSB grows home loan market share
24th - Economists expect 50 basis point OCR cut
24th - Earthquake could result in OCR cut
25th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
25th - Kiwibank book and bad debts grow
25th - Loan Market awards top brokers
28th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
28th - ANZ's market share looks to have fallen
28th - Mortgage rates “set to fall dramatically”
March 2011
1st - Mortgage Rates Commentary
1st - Mortgage Rates Commentary
1st - ANZ/National cuts one-year rate below floating
2nd - SBS mortgage book swells
2nd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
2nd - 10 lenders cut short-term rates
2nd - John Key expects OCR cut
3rd - Working out Westpac's home loan book
3rd - Mortgage Rates Commentary
3rd - More lenders cut short-term rates
3rd - Fixed rates cut by 16 lenders
4th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
4th - ANZ's short-term rate cuts
6th - Economists divided on OCR announcement
7th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
8th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
8th - Stay floating and wait for RBNZ decision
8th - Mortgage Express CEO will not be replaced
9th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
10th - OCR cut by 50 basis points
10th - OCR cut by 50 basis points to 2.50%
10th - Major banks cut floating rates by 50 basis points
10th - Bollard boosts confidence; floating rates slashed
10th - Median for short-term bank rates below 6%
10th - OCR back to its record low
11th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
11th - Allied Kiwi helps out Christchurch advisers
14th - Slow start
14th - ASB's mortage book shrinks for a third successive quarter
15th - Westpac takes lead
16th - People dominate news
17th - Westpac's plays different game
17th - Kiwibank ends special, lowers 1yr rate
18th - AMP and Kiwibank make changes
21st - Why are banks so slow?
22nd - Nearly all floating rates are down
23rd - BNZ warns OCR may kick up quickly
23rd - Mortgage holders question banks on rate cuts
24th - See who is the slowest
25th - ASB does the 18month drop
28th - New advisers at Mortgage Link
29th - Quiet quiet quiet
30th - RBNZ considers LVR restrictions
31st - NZF rate change
31st - HSBC's mortgage book growth stalls
April 2011
1st - Ex Mortgage Express boss on God's work
4th - PROPERTY out
5th - ANZ National go for a six
6th - Public Trust returns to lending market
6th - PTO backs brokers
6th - Fundraising for Christchurch Mortgage Advisers
7th - Support Chch Brokers
11th - Finance Direct concentrates on brokerage
11th - We talk to Finance Direct
12th - To fix or float? That is the question
12th - Fix or float?
12th - NZMBA relocates its conference
13th - NZF sets a date
14th - No changes today
14th - NZMBA gets a GM and 8th board member
15th - Kiwibank's lowest ever rate
19th - Looking ahead to OCR
20th - Pre Easter lull
21st - Lull continues
25th - Interest rate focus moves to when next increases start
25th - Focus on rate rises
27th - House prices to rise 4%
28th - OCR unchanged and likely to stay that way for some time
28th - OCR likely to stay put for some time
28th - Floating mortgage rates won't be rising any time soon
28th - Floating mortgage rates won't be rising any time soon
28th - Floating rates won't be rising anytime soon
29th - Kiwibank ends special
May 2011
2nd - Mortgage Link’s up with Strategi
2nd - Sovereign leads off changes
3rd - Mystery still surrounds NZF's new equity partner
4th - No one followed
5th - Still quiet, on the surface
6th - Sovereign gets more competitive
6th - Floating rates growing in popularity
6th - Sovereign takes more aggressive position
9th - Kiwibank ends special
10th - NZF in the balance
11th - TSB's one-year rate a clear leader
13th - What we learnt this week
13th - Floating rate predictions
16th - Another quiet start to the week
16th - New advisers at Mortgage Link
17th - Warning for RFAs
18th - How much did Westpac grow its home loan business?
18th - Figuring out Westpac's growth
19th - Budget day and bank downgrades
19th - Big Aussie banks get a downgrade
23rd - ANZ grows mortgage book after sluggish quarters
23rd - ANZ sees some growth
24th - RBNZ to give a steer on rates today
24th - Odds on earlier interest rate hike shorten
25th - Home loan rates could rise sooner than predicted
26th - Spotlight on BNZ
26th - BNZ grows mortgage book strongly in March Qtr but profitability falls
27th - Kiwibank to launch an offset product
27th - ASB's mortgage book shrinks again
30th - Moody thoughts and Kiwibank's new product
30th - Moodys downgrades NZ banks
30th - Kiwibank's profit plunges as bad loan charges soar
31st - TSB's mortgage book grows but profitability flat
31st - Kiwibank's not so good report
June 2011
1st - More on NZF's home loan performance
2nd - ANZ's mortgage book -- the mystery continues
3rd - NZF limiting new loans to $750,000
3rd - Even more news on NZF
6th - NZF to resume mortgage lending
6th - Bollard's views on inflation keenly sought; OCR on hold
7th - All eyes on Bollard
8th - Be warned. Opportunity narrowing
9th - RBNZ keeps OCR at record low
9th - OCR kept at record low
9th - Bollard likely to raise interest rates sooner
10th - The week in a word. Frozen
10th - NZF home loans about to be liberated from company
13th - Size of adviser levies revealed
15th - Something for interest rate junkies
17th - Wholesale rates shaken by Chch and Greece
20th - If you think your interest rate is bad look at this
20th - Short term loans with massive interest rates
21st - Window of opportunity closing quickly
22nd - RBNZ reliance on economic forecasts fundamentally flawed: Dickens
22nd - Why the RBNZ's approach to interest rates is flawed
23rd - The Bay bags a broker
24th - Banks offer special low rates to red zone borrowers
24th - Cheap money for Christchurch - and lots of it
27th - A Monday with a change
28th - More changes
29th - The answer to monetary policy setting
29th - No support for Dickens' theory the OCR should be held steady
July 2011
1st - Christchurch provisions hit SBS Bank's March Qtr profit
1st - Chch provisions hit SBS
1st - Looking ahead at rates
4th - Pepper eyes NZ market after GE purchase
4th - Adding a bit of Pepper to the market
5th - The sheriff winds up brokers and advisers
6th - Capital gains tax idea floated
8th - Rounding up the facts on FMA ad
11th - Mortgage activity acclerates; Rodney responds
11th - Rodney Responds: Economists need to understand how things work
12th - A TSB tweak
13th - NZF took a hit on Finance Direct sale
19th - Pressure on rate rise building
21st - Thinking about next week
24th - Debate over timing of the next OCR hike hots up
24th - [Updated] What will happen to interest rates?
26th - NZF home loan deal still on: Thornton
27th - More on NZF
28th - OCR on hold but...
28th - RBNZ signals rates hikes coming
28th - Bollard takes a bob-each-way to OCR review
29th - One tiny increase signs of more to come
August 2011
1st - Reaffirmation, not re-launch, for Sovereign
1st - Where to go when the banks say no
1st - Total bank loans fall in March Qtr but household lending rises: KPMG
2nd - Westpac moves rates up
3rd - ASB family increase rates
3rd - Home loan rates start rising
4th - It's not a rates story today
5th - Anticipating more changes
8th - Economist argues against early OCR increase
8th - ASB reverses last week's increases
9th - No one following ASB - yet
9th - Kiwibank joins in the cuts
10th - What a difference a week makes
11th - NZMBA on PAA tie up
12th - Calling all property investors
12th - Top brokers awarded
15th - Even economists are finding it hard
15th - Views changing on interest rate moves
16th - Sentiment towards property and KiwiSaver changing
16th - Westpac's mortgage book grew strongly in June Qtr
17th - New two-year special
18th - What's the news out there?
22nd - To move or not to move?
22nd - ANZ's profit growth slowed, mortgage book shrank in June Qtr
23rd - ANZ's time to reveal
23rd - Inflation expectations improve but still too high
24th - Another cut to home loan rates
24th - Is fixing your mortgage outdated thinking?
25th - Is fixing the right way to go?
25th - Bad loans depress Kiwibank profits
26th - News on two kiwi lenders
26th - ASB's mortgage book shrinks for a fifth successive quarter
29th - BNZ sees home loan growth
29th - BNZ sees growth in mortgage book
29th - TSB and SBS banks show divergent trends
31st - Small banks going different ways
31st - Hold the hikes NZIER says
September 2011
1st - Later OCR hike called for
5th - Kiwibank increases one-year rate
6th - Floating along
7th - Australian cash rate remains unmoved
7th - Will fixing become normal again?
8th - What is normal for home loan rates?
9th - NZF back in business
11th - Bollard likely to keep interest rates on hold this week
12th - Interest rates likely to stay on hold
13th - Will the Unbeatable campaign return?
14th - There's still a place for fixed rates
14th - Top brokers still see a prominent place for fixed-rate mortgages
15th - RBNZ leaves cash rate on hold
15th - RBNZ gives its latest thoughts on OCR
15th - Floating rates unlikely to rise this year
15th - Future interest rate hikes softened
16th - Floating rates unlikely to rise this year
19th - Filling in time
20th - ..and then it all happened
21st - A capital gains tax will drive up rents: Minister
22nd - Weak data, global turmoil put paid to floating rates rising this year
22nd - Forget rates hikes this year
27th - New specials
27th - Resimac to take majority stake in NZF's securitisation operations
28th - NZF's new backer named
29th - OCR should remain at 2.5%: Dickens
29th - Alternative Monetary Policy Statement
30th - Kiwibank jiggles its fixed rates
30th - Rating downgrades could keep OCR on hold for longer
October 2011
3rd - ANZ, ASB banks major mortgage market losers through GFC
4th - Mortgage market winners and losers
5th - NZ Home Loans increases rates
6th - New privacy rules for borrowers
6th - New credit reporting rules to affect mortgage borrowers
10th - HSBC resumes its leading pricing
10th - Regulatory loophole lets rogue financial operators to stay in business
11th - Regulatory loopholes exposed
12th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
13th - It's specials time
14th - NZF home loan deal nearly settled
17th - More falling rates
18th - ASB picks March for OCR rise
19th - Global pressures vs inflation fears
20th - ANZ National prepares rate hike
20th - ANZ National prepares rate hike
21st - TSB offers 'lending special'
24th - Interest rate cuts not happening: Survey
24th - Deteriorating growth outlook likely to keep rates on hold
26th - Inflation data adds to rate hold view
27th - OCR held, but for how long?
27th - NZF promises new products for brokers
27th - Interest rates on hold for now
27th - Bollard spooks markets
27th - Details of Kiwibank's new home loan rates
28th - Kiwibank slashes all fixed rates; Westpac follows
31st - Comparing rate cuts
31st - Westpac takes on Kiwibank with cuts
November 2011
2nd - [UPDATED] Changes galore; ANZ National move
3rd - BNZ arrives
3rd - RWC finishes; rate war battle commences
4th - Caught out and cut
7th - Now the home loan battle begins
8th - SBS pitches for two year business
9th - HSBC lowers its fixed rates
11th - The lure of attractive fixed home loan rates
11th - Is fixed the way to go?
14th - Bollard warns of economic risks to NZ
14th - Risks and rewards (with the quiz)
15th - Lifetime to sever ties with Mortgage Link
15th - Lifetime cuts ties with Mortgage Link
16th - No salt with the Pepper loan
17th - Kiwibank goes under 5%
17th - Kiwibank's bold move
19th - Mortgage Rates Commentary
20th - Politicians and interest rates
22nd - No need to jump to fixed: Westpac
22nd - ASB's mortgage book shrinks for a sixth successive quarter
23rd - What's your best rate?
24th - TSB lifts Sept Qtr profit, grows mortgage book
25th - Kiwibank's profit surged and mortgage book growth accelerated in Sept
28th - The pros and cons of NZF's deal
29th - Sale of NZF's home loan business details
29th - The cost of NZF's finance company failure
30th - It's a bit of an NZF week
30th - Quakes hit SBS Bank's profit and mortgage book
December 2011
1st - BNZ drops rates
1st - ANZ's Sept Qtr profit jumps but mortgage book shrinks again
2nd - Looking at BNZ's new rates
2nd - S&P downgrades big four Aussie banks
4th - Next OCR increased pushed further into the future
5th - OCR week previewed
5th - Squeezed margins hit newest bank
6th - Moodys is now saying keep the OCR down
7th - Get rid of RFAs: Tate
8th - Bank gives little away on rates
8th - OCR remains the same
8th - Interest rates on hold until at least the second half of 2012
9th - Interest rates on hold until at least the second half of 2012
12th - A quiet start - for some
13th - NZF deal done
14th - A new way of rate setting
15th - Westpac and BNZ grow mortgage books
15th - Which banks grew their home loan books?
16th - Another quiet week ends
20th - Kiwibank special goes
21st - Quietness at a busy time
22nd - Merry Christmas
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