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Mortgage Calculators

We have selected the best mortgage calculators for you to use when researching your home loan rates. 

Home Loan Comparison Calculator

With this calculator you can compare two different rates and find out which one is cheaper or faster to pay off.

Open the Loan Comparison Calculator

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

If you want to know what a mortgage repayment will be to see if you can afford the repayments, then this calculator will provide the results.

Open the Loan Repayment Calculator

Borrowing Power Calculator

Borrowing power provides an indication of what you might be able to borrow using your own income and expenses.   Please note this calculator provides an indication and cannot be relied on given variations in lending practices between financial institutions.

Open the Borrowing Power Calculator

Extra Repayment Calculator

What is the affect of extra repayments into your mortgage - use this calculator to find out.  Even small extra payments may provide great results.  This calculator will provide this information, and show the benefits.

Open the Extra Payment Calculator

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